Mark Meadows Sets Guerrilla Style LEAKER Traps


Mark Meadows went guerrilla and set Rambo style traps in the White House to snare leaking liberals. He’s now the fourth Chief of Staff assigned to plugging the leaks, and intends to be the last.

His methods are so barbaric that the outraged staff are all running to the press to leak about it. Meanwhile, Meadows is carefully tracking what gets said in the papers because there are tracking bugs sprinkled in the soundbites.

Carefully laid ‘leaker’ traps

Mark Meadows isn’t about to go lurking around the White House corridors picking up gossip and eavesdropping on the conversations of staffers. He’ll make the leakers reveal themselves by setting traps.

White House insiders who were thinking about casually talking to the press are thinking again and the ones who have been regularly ratting out the antics of the oval office are worried.

As related by a former administrative staffer, Meadows confirmed to him that he has made it common knowledge in the workplace that “he’s fed specific nuggets of information” to workers he’s suspicious of.

He’s just waiting to see “if they pass them on to reporters.” As each piece of data that’s been tagged to an individual rat gets leaked, the traps are sprung. “Meadows told me he was doing that.”

Needless to say, White House staffers are a little edgy. Especially those who have been talking to reporters in their off time. They’re just waiting to see if something they already said was one of the traps. So far, Meadows has detected one minor leak.

Find the leakers

President Trump made it clear to Mark Meadows that the number one priority is to find the leakers. Meadows can set all the traps he wants as long as he gets results. Ever since day one, Trump’s administration has been plagued by rats.

Just recently someone in the administration spoon fed misleading information to the press, alleging that the Russians put a bounty on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Instead of waiting for whoever tried to stab the president in the back to fall into one of his traps, Meadows went on the offensive. They rounded up everyone who could have accessed that information for interviews.

According to a leak, “they have narrowed the list of suspects down to fewer than ten people.” That little nugget of information may have been divulged to only one staffer. As soon as Meadows sees a quote about “10 suspects” he may just know that Sally Jones was the one to call Axios.

Another recent leak that President Trump is furious about is the one which led to the New York Times reporting that the Secret Service rushed the president into his bunker during the battle with Black Lives Matter over Lafayette Square park.

Meadows says he’d like to know who that is too but it isn’t the kind of thing he’s setting any traps for. Meadows is strictly focused on “national security leaks and could care less about the palace intrigue stories.”


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