An Obama Era Deep State Rabbit Hole Just Collapsed


Political moles planted inside the Trump Administration by Barack Obama thought they found a loophole. The treacherous moles were trying to burrow into civil service jobs by going underground but their Deep State rabbit hole just collapsed. An oversight board recently decided that “an employee who maneuvers around some of the requirements of the civil service system to change jobs from appointee to civil servant can be fired.” Agriculture Department undersecretary for marketing and regulator programs Edward Avalos will be the first one to go.

The tunnel collapsed on Obama Era moles

Political “appointees” are basically hired administrative contractors who get their jobs because of “favors” they do for political figures. They move in and out of Washington with the shifting political tides as administrations come and go. Professional “Civil Service” employees, on the other hand, train diligently and get specialized degrees to land jobs which they expect will lead to long term political careers. Some stubborn Obama administrators didn’t want to leave.

Civil service employees are the experts in government operations, who keep things running while the political figures spin through the revolving door. Because of the important role they play, they “have more job protections than just about anyone else in the country.” That’s why Senator Ron Johnson “worked to prevent Obama administration political appointees from moving into civil service jobs following President Trump’s election.”

Once bureaucrats get “entrenched” in their positions, they’re known to “wield immense power in the government, writing rules and imposing agendas,” World Net Daily writes. A watchdog board called the Merit Systems Protection Board and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit just approved digging up the Obama moles and exterminating them from Trump’s branch of the government. It’s described as “a hit to the Deep State.”

A country mole moves to the city

In 2016, Barack Obama appointee Edward Avalos was digging around in the farm dirt at the Department of Agriculture. He collected a paycheck as undersecretary for marketing and regulator programs. It seems that the Deep State wanted someone to keep an eye on Ben Carson. After the election, Avalos “moved to a GS-15 job as the Housing and Urban Development Department’s field office chief in Albuquerque.”

He had a little Deep State help to grease the skids. Tammye Treviño was also appointed by Obama. She was “an appointee at HUD who formerly served with Avalos as a USDA appointee. The way the merit board phrased it in their report, “the first posting for the field office vacancy yielded one certificate eligible candidate, a preference-eligible veteran. Instead of asking the Office of Personnel Management for a waiver to pass over that candidate, Treviño revised the vacancy announcement and Avalos reapplied.” How convenient. Simply eliminate your competition.

Coincidentally, “on second effort, Avalos was the only applicant to be deemed eligible.” HUD didn’t bother to ask permission from the Office of Personnel Management before “Avalos’ hiring, as is required in cases of burrowing in.” It didn’t take long for the deception to surface. “OPM flagged the improper hiring in 2017.” After they put the hiring under the microscope, HUD “deemed it could not certify it ‘met merit and fitness requirements’ due to Treviño’s involvement.”

Avalos was promptly fired, and challenged it in court. That was a bad idea. “Substantial evidence” supported “the appearance of improper influence.” The court was shocked that icing out the only truly qualified candidate in favor of an Obama mole was written up in such a way as to certify “its hiring process complied with merit systems principles.” More mole carcasses are expected to surface as the extermination efforts continue.


  1. Why aren’t the ones who changed the wording being expelled also. They are guilty of several violations according to this article. Someone higher up is pulling the strings, who is it?


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