Democrat Sinking Ship: Nancy Pelosi Rushes to Save Corrupt Squad Member


As voters in Minneapolis abandon the Democrat party like rats from a sinking ship, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi rushed to put out a statement on Monday. She’s hoping to save the corrupt political career of a lawmaker who thumbs her nose at American laws. Sharia laws are just fine to “squad” member Ilhan Omar, but she breaks those too, at least the ones that say she should be stoned for committing adultery. Do they use bigger rocks for committing adultery with your brother? Omar might just find out.

Pelosi throws Omar a life-line

Ilhan Omar may be one of the popular progressive radical clique infamously called the “squad,” but she isn’t raking in the political contributions that she needs in order to get re-elected. That’s why Pelosi had to do something about it. Since Omar allowed her district to descend into lawless Black Lives Matter anarchy by doing away with their criminally murderous police force, citizens who prefer safety and order are heading for more conservative states. Even Omar’s liberal constituents are upset with her. She may be a Somali Muslim but she sleeps around like an infidel. The Democrats are hemorrhaging votes and something must be done.

Pelosi endorses “valued and important” colleague

With Minnesota’s primary election coming up, Ilhan Omar finds herself having to fight off fellow democrats for her job. Worse than that, “the freshman Democrat is trailing financially by millions of dollars,” Dailywire reports. Pelosi had to step in and do something. “Ilhan is a valued and important Member of our Caucus,” she claims in a statement. “In her first term, Ilhan has already established herself as a leader on a host of issues — from child nutrition to housing to U.S.-Africa relations.”

Pelosi didn’t mention that she also established herself as a “cheater.” She (allegedly) cheated the immigration system by marrying her brother. She (allegedly) cheated the IRS by fudging her taxes to cover up that she was married to two men at the same time, including her brother. She admittedly cheated on her other husband with a man on her campaign committee who was cheating on his wife, and she (allegedly) cheated on campaign finance rules by paying her lover to follow her around on the campaign trail and sleep with her. Most people believe that someone who cheats on every aspect of their life has no place in government. Democrats disagree.

Minnesota attorney Antone Melton-Meaux is giving Omar a literal run for her money. The pro-Israel NORPAC political action committee has already “committed hundreds of thousands of dollars to unseating Omar, one of the most anti-Israel members of Congress.” From April to June, Melton-Meaux raised $3.2 million. Omar is struggled to break $500,000 in the same time frame. Pelosi is afraid that if Melton-Meaux wins next month’s primary, then Democrats may lose the seat to a Republican.

A history of anti-Semitic comments

Pelosi seems to forget that she actually had to demand that Omar apologize for one over the top comment on Twitter. “It’s all about the Benjamins baby,” She tweeted, “suggesting that Israel or pro-Israel groups had paid off House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.” The House Speaker slammed the “prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters,” calling them “deeply offensive.” Omar also teamed up with radical Rashida Tlaib with the “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.” That got the pair of them banned from travel to Israel.

The latest thing that Omar is in hot water for is her comments about the “inequality” and “oppression.” Firing all the police is only a beginning for Ilhan Omar and Nancy Pelosi wants to see her dreams come true. “As long as our economy and political systems prioritize profit without considering who is profiting, who is being shut out, we will perpetuate this inequality. We cannot stop at criminal justice system. We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it.”

Nancy Pelosi must be really desperate to endorse Ilhan Omar. Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee said what’s on every conservative’s mind. “Ilhan Omar took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution, not shred it. Omar and her Marxist comrades are a threat to our Democracy. Omar should resign.”


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