Looky Here…More Proof China Owns ‘The Big Guy’


There’s a lot of proof floating around that the “Big Guy” was easily greased. Everyone has their price. Joe Biden’s wasn’t low but easy terms could be arranged. The whole world knows that Biden is in Xi Jinping’s pocket and nobody cares to officially take a look at the crimes. That would only upset the New World Order.

Proof of Chinese ownership

Freshly released disclosure forms, related to the alleged election in 2020, provide what appears to be proof that the Chinese government helped fund Joe Biden’s last campaign.

According to reports, paperwork turned in by the Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania reveals that they raked in “$50 million from China” and it happened soon “after Biden announced his presidential bid in 2018.”

The National Legal and Policy Center went through all the spreadsheets with a fine toothed comb. Their analysis shows that as soon as the Biden Center opened it’s doors in 2017, they got a check for $8 million from China. When Joe threw his hat in the ring in 2018, “his donations from China soared by nearly 400 percent.”

Some call that proof that Biden sold his soul to Beijing. Senator Marsha Blackburn demands to know: “How deep is Joe Biden in Hunter’s shady business deals? Hunter has been dealing with China in the shadows for years — has Joe too?”

Under federal law, all candidates are required to reveal “the source of all donations over $250,00.” Epoch Times isn’t convinced that team Biden was entirely truthful.

“It is not clear whether Biden was directly involved in this and the issue of universities accepting large donations from China, including undisclosed donations, is one of the major topics in the US right now.” The reports may not be smoking gun proof all by themselves but they indicate a place where more investigation is needed.

Next ambassador to Germany

As reported by Faux News, as a reward for faithfully funneling all that money from China to where Joe Biden could use it the most, His Wisdom nominated “the China-linked president of the University of Pennsylvania to be the next U.S. ambassador to Germany.”

Not only is Amy Gutmann “the Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Political Science”, she was praised in 2018 by Fortune as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.” The proof just keeps piling higher. “The NLPC filed a complaint against UPenn last year, alleging $22 million in ‘anonymous’ donations from the country for the Biden Center and $70 million from China in total.”

Gutmann was in charge of the cover-up. “The University of Pennsylvania has stonewalled all inquiries into the identities of the Chinese donors who made $22 million anonymous donations to the university.”

NLPC Chairman Peter Flaherty thinks “it’s time for her to answer the question and identify the donors.” Conservatives ask, how much proof do you need? “Academia is awash in Chinese cash,” Flaherty confirms. “It’s time for administrators to start answering questions about it.”

Gutman isn’t the only one associated with the same outfit to get preferential treatment from the palace. More proof emerges everyday exposing the incestuous relationships.

“This center was an incubation for Biden’s foreign policy team and it’s a natural place for his choice of secretary of state.” Antony Blinken “had been the Biden Center’s managing director from 2017 until he left to join Biden’s presidential campaign in 2019.”


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