Latest Installment of Files Brings Shock News


When journalist Michael Shellenberger was writing up his research for the latest installment of Twitter Files, his overall impression was that the FBI ran Twitter a lot like the CIA runs their “psy-op” psychological warfare operations. And they made sure Joe Biden was “elected.”

FBI had a hot-line

Former Federal Bureau of Instigation officials “were so intertwined” with Twitter that “they practically had their own communications system.” The scope of the abuse is mind blowing, literally. “The deputy chief of staff of the FBI went to Twitter.

There were so many bureau rats running around the social media platform “that they had their own internal messaging system.” Shellenberger couldn’t believe what he was reading in internal company records. “They actually had their own cue-card” to “kind of train people” as they transferred in from the bureau.

Just Us Department influence “essentially affected content moderation and information-sharing.” That moderation and censorship was used to rig the 2020 presidential election in favor of Joe Biden, while covering up Biden family crimes oozing from Hunter’s laptop.

You had these forces inside Twitter: former FBI officials — particularly Jim Baker — who very strenuously argued for the censorship of The New York Post’s reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop and the emails which showed these very questionable business dealings with China and other countries.

Elon Musk didn’t even know that former FBI house counsel and “a key player during the Trump ‘Russia-gate‘ timeline,” James Baker, was even on the payroll. He was Twitter deputy general counsel until about ten minutes before Musk fired him.

Nobody in the new management knew until the first batch of Twitter Files was released. There was a pause in the next batch while they waited for the in-house lawyers to get a squint at the material first, before the reviewers could do their job. They were waiting for Jim. Jim who? Baker. He was immediately dragged from his desk before he could delete anything else.

Just like the CIA

Baker turned out to be the architect behind banning the Washington Post story. He knew the FBI had Hunter’s laptop and that every word the post was printing about the Biden family influence peddling crimes were true. He told Twitter to ban and censor every mention of the “hacked” materials which he knew full well were not hacked by anyone. The material was “abandoned” fair and square in the laptop repair shop.

The more Shellenberger read, the more upset he became. His weeks-long review of “internal emails and Slack direct-messaging correspondence among employees” at Twitter painted an overall picture “of an intertwined relationship between certain elements of federal law enforcement – the FBI – and a private company.

That dynamic, he notes, “reminded him of a psychological operation a U.S. government agency like the CIA would conduct within a foreign nation.” Even more horrific, the FBI is targeting average Americans. This time, it’s “happening domestically against media organizations and social media.

That right there is banana republic politics. “It’s a disturbing pattern.” These revelations should matter as much to Democrats as conservatives but don’t. That’s even scarier. “No American should want its federal police politicized and engaging in dirty campaign tricks.

The FBI had “Hunter Biden’s laptop in its possession in late 2019,” They quickly “tried to persuade social media platforms there would be a leak thereof.” They had Rudy Giuliani “under domestic surveillance.” Why? Because the then-Trump attorney “reportedly provided the laptop’s contents to the New York Post.

That’s where they got the material for the bombshell story. Before the 2020 election. Guess what, James Baker told Twitter to cover it up, and how. The bottom line, Shellenberger concludes, “is we need a serious congressional investigation, and we very well may need an independent prosecutor, to weed out these politicized elements of the FBI.” Others say the entire bureau needs to be disbanded and start from scratch.


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