Democrat Voters Abandon Ship


Democrat voters are abandoning ship so fast that liberal New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is making retirement plans to seek political asylum in another country. The mayoral primary turned into an eye-opening referendum on law enforcement. Defund the police liberals aren’t happy to see the stark numbers coming in from polling precincts they thought were heavily loaded with Kool-Aid sipping Antifa® acolytes, ready and willing to follow instructions.

Democrat primary problems

New York City held their primary elections on Tuesday and all eyes were glued to the Mayor’s race primaries, especially the Democrat one. Everyone expected the liberal race to be so close it would come down to a photo finish but it turned out to be a blowout.

Progressives were stunned to see who brought in the best numbers, but conservatives understand exactly why, once they hear the reason but progressives are still in denial. One thing is certain, current Mayor Bill de Blasio’s days are numbered. Everyone knows his political career is already toast.

The dust hasn’t settled yet on the blue side. Liberals can’t abide by a simple one-person one-vote system, so had to rig “safeguards” in. New York City uses a scheme called “ranked-choice” balloting which means it’s still anybody’s guess until June 29 who the Democrat choice will be.

Whoever it is will be up against the founder of the Guardian Angels, Curtis Sliwa. Republicans had no difficulty reaching their decision so that result is final.

The Democrat race had a large number of viable candidates but the field had narrowed to four backed by equally matched factions. Even on election day, nobody was clearly a favorite. That illusion was shattered as the count started coming in. The leader by a comfortable ten-point margin was not the one socialists expected.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams walked away with 32 percent of the vote. His closest competitor was far-left candidate Maya Wiley, endorsed by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. She only managed to chalk up 22 percent and the reason for the discrepancy is clear. Adams is “a 22-year veteran and retired Captain of the NYPD.” Liberals are scrambling for a safe-space and a fresh can of Play-Doh.

It’s not over yet

Andrew Wang didn’t do much better in the race for New York City mayor than he did in his bid for president. He started out as the early leader in polling and the press loved him because he challenged the Democrat party line on COVID-19 lockdown policies. By the end of election night he came in last, with 12 percent. Kathryn Garcia managed to give Wiley a run for her money and pulled in 20 percent out of nowhere.

That’s despite the fact she’s the “establishment” candidate, rubber stamping anything DeBlasio said. Adams acted like one of those doped up Derby winners trained by Jason Servis. He came out of the gate like a turbocharged thoroughbred. With skyrocketing crime the “leading concern among voters,” the former police captain “ran almost singularly on a promise of restoring safety to the city.” He promised to minimize “the impact of the ‘defund NYPD’ movement that got a foothold in city politics last year.”


DeBlasio practically cut his own throat when he slashed the police budget. “One of de Blasio’s most controversial moves in reshaping NYPD policies was to disband the ‘anti-crime’ units in each of the City’s precincts.”

The 600 plain clothes officers used to “interdict street crime activity before it could get started.” They hauled an awful lot of illegal guns off the streets too. Since they were disbanded, “gun crimes soared by over 200%.” Even Democrat voters are getting scared.

The most important take-away, analysts report, is that “Democrat voters rallied behind a pro-police candidate rather than a representative of the current Mayor, or a social justice warrior.” It’s clear that, as one pundit notes, “it’s like waking up with a raging hangover, looking at the other side of the bed and hoping to sneak out before whatever it is regains consciousness.”

The Republicans are way ahead of the liberals on that score. They just selected “a man who started his career as leader of a band of guerrilla vigilantes who patrolled the subways as a public service.”


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