Kamala Harris Campaign Team Implicated

Kamala Harris Campaign Team Implicated

Kamala Harris campaign member and official photographer for the VP candidate, Aric Thompson, has been caught up in an election scandal in Floyd County, Georgia.

Thompson was a vote counter in Floyd County, Georgia, the same county where 3,000 Trump votes were “mistakenly” not counted.

Due to his employment on the Biden-Harris Campaign, Thompson was not legally able to participate in vote counting, yet somehow he was allowed to. During the process to become a vote counter, one of the most important questions asked is whether you are a candidate or work for a candidate on the ballot. If the answer to either of those questions is yes, you are refused the opportunity to be a vote counter.

Since Thompson did in fact participate in counting votes, he must have answered no to those questions, thereby breaking election law. According to an article from David Harris Jr.’s news outlet, Thompson’s job was operating a Dominion Voting Systems tabulator.

Georgia’s Investigation

A judge in Georgia has already ordered all voting machines to be sequestered while the state conducts another recount, this time actually comparing signatures on the ballots to those on the registration form.

If signatures are found that do not match the ones on file, the vote will be tossed out. This will favor President Trump, as most of Democratic nominee Joe Biden‘s votes came from mail-in ballots.

The obvious conflict of interest in Thompson’s ability to run a Dominion tabulation machine is worrying for anyone who is concerned about election integrity. How can the American people trust in the results of an election when a partisan operative is left unattended with ballots in a key swing state?

Due to the ongoing signature audit, the net loss of mail in votes is expected to be substantial.

The election results are not finalized, despite what the mainstream media says as they declare Joe Biden the “president-elect.” The Electoral College will meet to cast their votes on December 14.

If neither candidate has 270 electoral votes at that time, the vote will be given to the state Houses of Representatives.

Each state receives one vote regardless of population, which will give President Trump the win. Republicans control 26 state delegations, while Democrats only control 23.


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