Judge Dismisses Sidney Powell

Judge Dismisses Sidney Powell

In yet another tough blow, Attorney Sidney Powell‘s last lawsuit has been dismissed by a judge in Wisconsin.

The lawsuit, which sought to overturn the results of the election in Wisconsin due to allegations of voter fraud and irregularities, was a part of the “Kraken” lawsuits that Powell announced after the election.

In her decision to dismiss the lawsuit, U.S. District Judge Pamela Pepper wrote that she did not have the jurisdiction to appoint the president.

“One wonders why the plaintiffs came to federal court and asked a federal judge to do so. After a week of sometimes odd and often harried litigation, the court is no closer to answering the ‘why.’ But this federal court has no authority or jurisdiction to grant the relief the remaining plaintiff seeks,” the judge wrote.

The announcement that the suit had been dismissed came soon after a federal judge in Arizona made a similar decision regarding Powell’s lawsuit in her state, stating that the claims of voter fraud alleged in the lawsuit were unsupported.

“Not only have Plaintiffs failed to provide the Court with factual support for their extraordinary claims, but they have wholly failed to establish that they have standing for the Court to consider them. Allegations that find favor in the public sphere of gossip and innuendo cannot be a substitute for earnest pleadings and procedure in federal court. They most certainly cannot be the basis for upending Arizona’s 2020 General Election,” U.S. District Judge Diane Joyce Humetewa said.

Recently, federal judges in Michigan and Georgia came to similar conclusions about Powell’s lawsuits in each state. After this Wisconsin defeat, each piece of Sidney Powell’s legislation has now been dismissed.

Despite these setbacks, Powell and her co-counsel Lin Wood are still pursuing appeals in both Georgia and Michigan.

Many on the right saw this coming, as carelessness was evident in many of the lawsuits brought by Powell. For example, in the Wisconsin case, she requested that the judge order the disclosure of 48 hours of surveillance footage at the “TCF Center,” which is in Detroit, Michigan, not Wisconsin.

Despite losing faith in Sidney Powell, many conservatives are feeling hopeful again because of the Texas lawsuit against four battleground states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Though the suit has not been accepted by the Supreme Court yet, conservatives see it as President Trump’s last chance at victory.


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