Joe Biden Attempts to Quote Famous President…MAJORLY F’s it All Up

Biden Harris inauguration

Another day, another Joe Biden gaffe. This time he butchered a famous Teddy Roosevelt quote. The guy is clearly losing his marbles. Are we really supposed to believe he received 81 million votes?

Joe Biden is an empty suit

Joe Biden’s latest speech was a disaster, as usual. He was mumbling, losing his place on the teleprompter and constantly trying to clear the frogs out of his throat. Then he butchered a famous Roosevelt quote by saying, “The American people can take whatever we tell them if we tell them straight from the shoulder.” That was close Joe, but no cigar.

“The news is going to get worse and worse before it gets better and better, and the American people deserve to have it straight from the shoulder.” —Franklin D. Roosevelt

Ok let’s not be too hard on old sleepy Joe. Messing up a quote isn’t such a big deal. But calling Kamala Harris the “president elect” is a bit unnerving. That’s exactly what he did a few days ago during a COVID-19 briefing. Kamala Harris’ husband also introduced her as “the next president of the United States.” Their agenda is clear. They are forcing this radical Left-wing Democrat into the White House. A candidate so unlikeable that she dropped out of the primary after polling in single digits.

To make matters worse, Joe Biden recently said if he had a disagreement with Kamala Harris, he would just “fake an illness and resign.” Good Lord. You know that’s exactly what they have planned and sleepy Joe is spilling the beans on live TV! The look on Kamala Harris’ face says it all. She turns red and shakes her head as if to say, “don’t say that out loud stupid!”

Sleepy Joe is falling apart

Well at least his foot is healing up nicely. Biden, 78, was wearing a boot after he injured his foot in late November. Though Biden’s physician had said that initial scans “did not show any obvious fracture,” later examinations revealed hairline fractures in the former vice president’s right foot.

Biden claims he was naked, getting out of the shower and went to pull his dog’s tail when he twisted an ankle. What in the world is going on? There’s no way 81 million Americans voted for this dope.


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