Citizen Investigators Expose Voter Fraud House by House – VIDEO


A group of voter integrity activists gathered on the steps of the Arizona capital Wednesday night, declaring their independent, grassroots intention to investigate blatant fraud evidence they uncovered regarding the 2020 Presidential election results. The patriotic volunteers canvassed the public record addresses of registered voters who voted. Going door-to-door, they visited 326 separate addresses. What they found was shocking but nobody wants to talk about it.

Fraud in Maricopa County

The motto of those responsible for the rally, We The People Arizona Alliance, is “A Broken Oath is Treason, Holding the Elected Accountable.” They aren’t trying to keep President Donald Trump in power, they are there out of a sense of duty to the country and the Constitution.

They also plan to mount recall efforts on traitorous officials who they feel “are denying them transparency on election data.” The election was a total fraud and they won’t stand for it.

The group went around checking the public record addresses of people who allegedly cast a ballot in the Arizona election. While banging on 326 doors they talked to 195 people.

In the process, they collected a stack of 60 affidavits. Two of the addresses were businesses. They managed to document a substantial amount of fraud.

One homeowner got four ballots at the same address, four of the voters were dead but at least they had separate addresses.

One resident received a ballot for her father, who was deceased. On top of that, 13 ballots came from empty lots and she took photos to document the obvious fraud in those cases.

In search of the ‘unknown voters’

One of the starkest examples of clear voter fraud comes from 27 addresses on their route where they spoke with current residents “who did not know the name on the ballots” associated with their address.

In another instance, there were “24 names to one address with no apartment number.” 11 of the mailboxes matched the given name “unknown voter.” Two addresses don’t exist at all and two more were raw desert “state trust land.”

Then came a ballot from the AZ Fish and Game Commission. The crowd loved that one. “Salmon love to vote!” The deplorable crowd laughed and chanted, disgusted such clear fraud would go unquestioned by election officials.

In total, “Arizona Patriots Identify Between 160,000 to 400,000 ‘Phantom’ Ballots In Their State 2020 Election Results – with names like “Unknown Voter.” They demand that the information they uncovered gets released to the public, “and the Board of Supervisors is not cooperating with them.”

Director of Citizens Investigation, Liz Harris, relates, “Hundreds of Arizona volunteers have been on the ground, knocking on doors and collecting declarations in a bi-partisan march to find truth in Arizona. The results of this investigation should have all citizens of Arizona outraged.

This is not a matter of family members sending in ballots, some of these people still have the physical ballot on hand! How did these votes get counted?” They got counted because The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors doesn’t mind the fraud.


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