Globalist are Prepared for Biden to Jump Back in Bed With Iran


Insiders at the White House are leaking that the screams they hear through the west wing walls indicate Iran can expect a special delivery soon, but not the present they expect. Globalists running the New World Order are all set for Joe Biden to climb back in bed with the Ayatollah. They never seriously took President Trump’s abandonment of the nuclear accord seriously. They’re all set for John Kerry to start packing them up some pallets of cash.

Iran expects Biden to back nukes

The Ayatollah was well on the way to a nuclear stockpile, until president Trump callously assassinated his top atomic bomb maker recently. Pulling out of the nuclear accord was a slap in the face after everything Barack Obama promised them.

Iran can’t even make any money smuggling oil with the Straits of Hormuz locked up tight by America and her allies. They’re dancing in the streets in the mistaken belief that Joe Biden won the election.

Just this Monday, the Foreign Minister representing Germany, Heiko Maas, was looking forward to a return of the good old days with pallets of cash arriving from Washington on a regular basis.

The “Obama administration-era deal remains the ‘best instrument’ to resolve any disputes about Iran’s nuclear program,” left-leaning Bloomberg News reports. The diplomat is upset that President Donald Trump sent the Iran deal into a “downward spiral.”

It’s bad enough that Trump pulled the plug on their centrifuges in 2018. It’s worse because they keep getting caught sneaking out of house arrest, or as they say in Iran, “worsened by pressure from Washington and Tehran’s continued violations of its terms.”

According to the German diplomat, there is still time to salvage the Ayatollah’s hopes for a bomb but “a ‘final window’ exists to restore the deal.”

A joint NWO statement

Maas was joined by other ambassadors from New World Order globalist and communist countries from France, Britain, China, Russia, Iran and the European Union on Monday.

They all signed off on a joint statement applauding the “prospect of a U.S. return” and underscoring “their readiness to take a positive view of this in a joint effort.” They’re terrified Trump will actually manage to defend the Constitution and overturn the fraudulent and illegal election results.

They’re on pins and needles in Tehran. “Now we have to look forward and the next weeks and months will decide whether the deal can be saved.”

They’re terrified that Trump might just bomb them instead. Some say the big question is whether to stick with conventional bunker busters or just go whole hog and turn Iran into a big sheet of glass.

They’re really starting to sweat over there in Iran. They know they cheesed President Trump off with that rocket attack on the Embassy in Baghdad, “but it’s about much more than that.

Behind this is the question of whether a long-term solution to the decades-long dispute about Iran’s nuclear program can be found through negotiation.” When they talk about their nuclear program, they aren’t talking about keeping the lights on, they want big powerful bombs.


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