He Caught the FBI and DHS on Video Doing It


Former Green Beret Jeremy Brown heard the FBI Director droning on about domestic terrorism and turned purple. For months, he had been wrestling with the idea of airing some dirty DHS laundry but held his tongue. Hearing Christopher Wray “tell lie after bald-faced lie to the American People,” was the breaking point. Jeremy simply “could not stay silent any longer.”

FBI in the Oathkeepers

The FBI it seems, was real interested in having some eyes and ears inside the Oathkeepers. They aren’t your run of the mill far-right militia group. The organization is composed of current and former military, police, and first responders. They all pledge to fulfill the oath that military and police take. The one to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” The Federal Bureau of Instigation hates them. Department of Homeland [In-]Security does too. We live in a post-Constitutional New World Order now and these people are well trained in how to use heavy weapons or make their own, if they need to.

In December, shortly after Jeremy Brown signed up with the group, a couple guys representing FBI and DHS showed up on his porch to talk about some of his social media posts. Interestingly, the posts in question were totally harmless and it was clear they were no threat. Brown had also closed his Facebook and Twitter accounts between the time the posting was made and when they came to visit. A little more digging revealed that they had really been sniffing his brand new “Parlor” account. They didn’t like Parlor because deplorable Trumpsters were using it in protest of Twitter. They didn’t grill him about his Parlor posts but the account gave them his cell phone number. They weren’t out to bust him for his posts, or even harass him. They just wanted an excuse to make contact.

The real reason the FBI wanted to talk to Jeremy Brown was to offer him a job. Paid snitch. He turned them down. They didn’t know it but he taped the offer. The entire audio can be heard in his recent video interview with Brandon Gray on Banned.TV and it reveals the entire shocking truth. Those who think “Q” works for the feds just got some more ammunition to use in support of the theory. January 6 was an event already being planned, deep in the bowels of the bureau.

Wired up good

Not only is Jeremy Brown a former Green Beret who served in the Army from 1992 to 2012 as Special Forces Master Sergeant, he’s also been a candidate for Congress in Florida’s 14th Congressional District. When he attended the the Stop the Steal protests in Washington DC on January 6, to provide security for the Oathkeepers, he was not on the FBI payroll. He could have been though. After they scared his wife by knocking on the front door, Jeremy went to meet them at a local restaurant. He was wired a lot heavier than they suspected.

From his military training, Brown knew that the FBI wouldn’t approve taping the meeting but he told them he was going to tape it when he set up the meet. He clipped an old dead microphone to his lapel and wired it to a cheap old pocket cassette recorder and put it in his pocket. When he got to the eatery, he turned on the recorder and plunked it on the table. “You don’t mind if I record do you?” He asked. “Yes, we do. you can’t do that.” They answered. “Okay,” he replied, shutting it off and setting it aside. They didn’t know the cell phone in his pocket was set to record.

The most shocking thing that his audio proves, is that on December 9 the FBI was already focused on what was about to happen “in January.” At the time, Jeremy didn’t make the connection but the agents obviously knew something was coming that Jeremy didn’t and they clearly wanted it to involve the Oathkeepers. QAnon inspired barbarians managed to make it through nearly non-existent Capitol security and wander the hallowed halls of Congress, snapping selfies with the security guards. Christopher Wray is still afraid of White Nationalists more than Antifa®.


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