Alphabet Boys ‘Paid Confidential Informant’ Cashed in


Mainstream news outlets aren’t happy to report that a deplorable Trump supporter accused by a paid informant of participating in the Barbarian Invasion of the Capitol Building on January 6 will be allowed to walk free. It seems that the information they paid for wasn’t all that good. Prosecutors sheepishly asked the Judge to let them drop the charges against Christopher Kelly because it turned out they couldn’t frame him for the crime after all. He will likely be filing a false arrest claim of his own. After he cleans out his Facebook Messenger contact list.

FBI informant rat

Somebody who was supposed to be a “friend” of Christopher Kelly on Facebook was an enemy instead. A lowdown dirty rat turned FBI informant sent screenshots of a chat thread to agents and cashed in on the reward money. The FBI didn’t have any real evidence but that didn’t stop them from pressing charges anyway. What the heck, they make it up as they go along.

Just ask Kevin Clinesmith. The Prosecutor didn’t realize there wasn’t any evidence until getting ready to go to court revealed the suspect was entirely innocent. The FBI voted to go ahead and frame him anyway but the DA did the right thing and asked the judge to let him go.

Kelly was accused by the “informant” of being one of the easily manipulated followers of QAnon who formed the core element of those who “penetrated” security to gain access to the Capitol Building. That happened on the fateful day of a crucial and hotly contested governmental procedure. Security was amazingly lax for such a high profile event where tensions on both sides had been running high for months.

Those who were there say that capitol security virtually ushered them into the building. Kelly was in D.C. That day, proudly supporting Once and Future President Donald Trump and the Constitution. He was doing it peacefully and legally, outside in the park. That isn’t what the rat said.

Kelly came down to the District of Columbia from New York City for the big event. He got thrown in jail by the FBI because “a paid confidential informant told agents that Kelly was posting material on a Facebook Messenger app about the riot and his plans to be in Washington.”

The rat claimed “a photo taken inside the Capitol was also posted” but it never turned up because it didn’t exist.

Breached the Capitol

What the rodent informant told the FBI got them salivating to throw a deplorable into a cage. One of the agents notes, “I believe the messages and image reflect that Chris Kelly was using this account to inform associates that he had breached the Capitol and was inside.”

Except he didn’t. They didn’t hesitate to work up court paperwork using only the photos showing “Kelly on the Capitol grounds.” They kicked around the chances of going forward and nobody noticing they didn’t have any evidence of a crime yet.

In the paperwork, they were careful not to step off the ledge without a parachute. They “did not include any further indication that he entered the building.”

Observers note that all the other riot cases “have included data from cellphone service providers indicating that defendants’ phones were inside the building.” They didn’t have that this time. The informant didn’t help them with that any.

The FBI went frantic trying to back up the bogus information the informant gave them, long after they had swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. And paid taxpayer money for it too.

After scouring through all of his social media posts, and all his friends, and all the friends of his friends, they came up empty handed and were forced to let him go free. They didn’t find a single photo of “Kelly himself inside the Capitol or offer any direct proof that he was among the rioters.”


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