Pentagon is Scrambling to Come Up With an Explanation…


He’s not a terrorist but he’s being treated like one and it’s downright embarrassing to the Pentagon. The Border Patrol encountered an Afghan national who had just wetbacked our southern border. You can’t blame them for being suspicious. Abdul Wasi Safi had a more than plausible explanation for where he was and why, along with a harrowing tale of the journey to get here. He has valid credentials to prove he’s a “friendly.” He’s not even being treated as well as an El Salvadoran gang banger.

Pentagon embarrassed by Afghan ally

The big brass at the Pentagon are trying to think their way out of this fiasco. They “sparked outrage,” Fox News reports, “after dodging questions on the detention of an Afghan ally.

The man may have crossed the border illegally but he’s seeking asylum from the Taliban. Also, we owe him.

Chad Robichaux with Save Our Allies broke the news on Wednesday, January 18, that Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas won’t release Abdul Wasi Safi “after he fought alongside U.S. forces for more than two decades.” Nobody at the Pentagon can justify his treatment.

This is just a political thing,” Robichaux explained. The Biden regime doesn’t want to support him. “If you ask me, it’s because it’s an embarrassment.” It reminds everyone of the Saigon like pullout of Afghanistan.

Safi was an Afghan commando and worked with U.S. forces throughout the war. Mayorkas has him sitting in a cell waiting for deportation back to Kabul followed by more torture and eventual execution. The Pentagon is trying their best to ignore him until he goes away.

We’ve seen these press reports, but I don’t have anything further,” Brigadier General Pat Ryder shrugged, on Tuesday. He thinks “we’ve been very clear that we’re supportive of efforts by the US government to ensure that those who fought alongside us are appropriately taken care of.” Safi doesn’t feel “taken care of.” At least, not in a good way.

A perilous journey

American soldiers “helped Safi escape Kabul and eventually, he was able to travel to Pakistan.” That’s the last the Pentagon had to do with him. From there, he made it to Brazil, headed for America. He still had a visa when he got to Brazil but “ultimately decided to flee after he was tortured there.

He trekked through a total of “10 Latin American countries, by foot and public transportation, to make it to the U.S. southern border. He was beaten and tortured repeatedly along the way.

Once he got to the border, all he had to do was cross with the rest of the migrants and his nightmare would be over, Safi thought. He never expected the treatment he got from the Pentagon, so his nightmare continues.

As soon as he saw an official he told them all about his biometric data being on file with the Department of Defense. But, he says, “they arrested him instead.” Everyone keeps telling him to “contact his country’s consulate.” Nobody can seem to get it through their skull that’s the Taliban, “the same group hunting him.

The Pentagon also wants to forget about how “we abandoned our allies in Afghanistan in August 2021, when we forfeited Bagram Air Force Base and left our American civilians there.” We left them to be brutally murdered by the Taliban. The religious fanatics are “in charge and actually systematically going after interpreters and soldiers like Abdul Wasi Safi, who served alongside of us for 20 years, and systematically beating them, torturing them, persecuting them and killing them.

The good news is that “the effort to secure Safi’s release has become increasingly bipartisan in nature, with Reps. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, and Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, all banding together on the issue.


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