Garland Flips Jordan The Bird Over…


Merrick Garland flipped the bird at Jim Jordan and told him where he can shove those oversight investigation requests. The stalemate underscores the dilemma of how to handle criminal wrongdoing, done by those who are expected to investigate their own criminal wrongdoing. The Gestapo General has a simple way to block any Weaponization Committee oversight. All he needs to do is open an investigation on his own. He really does run this country.

Merrick Garland stands firm

On Friday, Merrick Garland told Jim Jordan what to do with his official requests for information. The Just Us Department promises to stonewall both of Jordan’s big committees.

In addition to the newly formed “weaponization” panel, Jordan sits head of the table over at House Judiciary Committee, another powerful watchdog. The only problem is that their power seems to evaporate when it gets turned on Democrats.

Garland used diplomacy in his statement. He didn’t just write “go fly a kite” and leave it at that. Instead, he promised full cooperation, as far as he’s allowed to, that is. Which isn’t far at all. You can expect any documents that don’t matter to be turned over. The rest… “fuhgeddaboutit.

While they “would not provide certain information,” the incriminating evidence, they will “otherwise negotiate in good faith.” That sounds promising, pundits lament sarcastically.

Garland couldn’t even be bothered to personally take charge of the matter. He made Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legislative Affairs, Carlos Felipe Uriarte, put his name on the letter. It “outlined the process by which the department said it is prepared to negotiate.

Not cooperate, negotiate. They’ll talk about it until they can manage another regime change but handing things over is a whole different story.

Requirements must be met

To Garland, good faith “negotiations” require “staff-level meetings and at least two weeks notice for congressional testimony requests.” They need that much time to coach witnesses on what to say. Of course, it’s “longstanding department policy” that anything to do with “ongoing DOJ investigations would be withheld.

That would be anything to do with Hunter Biden’s laptop, Burisma, the illicit tapping of Donald Trump, and recently discovered classified documents Joe Biden had stashed. Those are all covered by open investigations. Because he was finally forced into it, the Federal Bureau of Instigation finally raided Joe’s Delaware home and found more documents.

That, right there, proves that Joe’s new lawyer was lying when he said he personally had the place tossed and there was nothing left to find. The bureau isn’t saying where in the home the documents were found but speculation is swirling they were in Hunter’s bedroom.

As stated in the official letter, “consistent with longstanding policy and practice, any oversight requests must be weighed against the Department’s interests in protecting the integrity of its work.” More like protecting themselves and Merrick Garland.

Joe’s lawyer already started conspiring with Merrick Garland to get cute. Chairman Jordan had a whole bunch of oversight requests pending but the lawyer said they didn’t count because Democrats had control. The administration advised Jordan he would have to start from scratch when and if he gained majority status. The fierce conservative already mailed them all back out on January 17.

Some of the requests included information on the FBI’s raid of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, alleged FISA abuse, information on domestic violent extremism cases and the Justice Department’s efforts to monitor parents at school board meetings and label them as domestic terrorists, among other issues.” He won’t get any of it. Those all conflict with pending FBI probes. If they don’t now, they’ll start one to cover it.


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