FBI RAIDS Biden…Finds More Evidence


Merrick Garland was forced to have the FBI raid Joe Biden’s primary residence in Delaware. With furious Americans calling them out about it, he didn’t really have a choice.

FBI raids Joe Biden

The big thing nobody is talking about is where in Joe Biden’s house the FBI found the latest stash of classified documents. Contrary to the assertions of Joe’s lawyer, that he had found everything there was to be found, and his promise that he already handed it over, more classified documents were discovered stashed away.

Speculation suggests that they were somewhere Hunter Biden has access to. Maybe even his own room. That would be a total disaster for Joe. Another thing nobody is talking about is when they’ll raid Joe’s beach house.

The Just Us Department was embarrassed to admit that they “seized additional classified records from [alleged] President Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home after an FBI search on Friday.

Now everybody knows why Joe went to the beach house this weekend. He’s cleaning that one up before the feds raid it next. Thanks to his nifty new wall, reporters won’t get to photograph much.

According to the official story, “On Jan. 20, 2023, the FBI executed a planned, consensual search of the [alleged] President’s residence.” That means Joe knew they would be coming and had a chance to make a quick sweep before they got there. Apparently, they missed a few.

Federal prosecutor John Lausch was in charge of the raid. He’s also the “DOJ official running the investigation into Biden’s improper retention of classified records ahead of the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Hur.” Everybody knows that Hur was hand picked to let Joe off the hook.

Search took all day

The FBI pulled up to Joe’s driveway around 9:45 a.m. Friday morning and didn’t get done tossing the place until around 10:30 p.m., with one of Joe’s lawyers watching over them the whole time. According to attorney Bob Bauer, the search covered “all working, living and storage spaces in the home.

That would presumably include Hunter’s bedroom, since he pays rent there. Nobody is saying where the classified materials were found this time. Lawyers told us the others were in the garage but the feds aren’t disclosing details.

Joe can’t really say much about it but he’s pretending to cooperate with the FBI. “At the outset of this matter, the [alleged] President directed his personal attorneys to fully cooperate with the Department of Justice.” His legal mouthpiece goes on to say that since they had already been caught stashing classified documents in the garage, “in the interest of moving the process forward as expeditiously as possible, we offered to provide prompt access to his home.

Get it done and over with, they hoped. They weren’t expecting more documents to show up since they already searched the place themselves. That indicates these came in since the last search. If Joe didn’t bring them there, who did? Hunter maybe? If so, how did he get them in the first place?

With the entire Biden family out of their way, hiding from view in their unraided beach house, the FBI had “full access” to Joe’s main residence. They sorted through “personally handwritten notes, files, papers, binders, memorabilia, to-do lists, schedules, and reminders going back decades.

They seized “materials it deemed within the scope of its inquiry, including six items consisting of documents with classification markings and surrounding materials, some of which were from the President’s service in the Senate and some of which were from his tenure as Vice President.” They also grabbed for a closer look “personally handwritten notes from the vice-presidential years.


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