Garland Backed Into a Corner…No Choice But to…


Merrick Garland is backed into a political corner like the Deep State rat he is. With no other option, he named a “special counsel” to “investigate” classified documents. This time it is Joe Biden who has been stashing secrets here, there and everywhere. After coming down on Donald Trump like a ton of bricks, conservative Americans won’t let him give Joe Biden a free pass. Since he has no choice except to appoint an investigator, he decided to pick someone he can count on to make the right “decision” at the end of any so-called investigation. The fix is in once again.

Garland handpicks Biden investigator

Everybody knows that Joe Biden doesn’t really run this country. The job of president is to distract attention away from those who do. These days, that would be Merrick Garland. As Gestapo General, he rules the Just Us Department and runs the Federal Bureau of Instigation. Those have both been totally “weaponized” domestically as tools of One World Government inspired totalitarianism. For years, they’ve apparently been rigging elections, manufacturing crimes to destroy political opponents and silencing any dissent.

The mainstream media outlets are already on the same World Economic Forum team. Until recently, all the social media platforms were used as virtual extensions of the FBI to censor and punish anyone who dared question Democrat authority. The only thing that’s changed is Twitter isn’t plugged into the Deep State network, since Elon Musk liberated the little blue bird. That, and the House majority moving to the Republican side.

Even Politico is nervous about a probe into Joe Biden. They aren’t sure where it could go once the can of worms gets sliced open.

The decision Garland made, they write, “underscores the gravity of the discoveries, which included one set of documents found at an office space Biden used and another set found in the garage of his Wilmington home.” Rumors are already swirling of a third batch not yet disclosed.

Unable to duck for cover on this one, Merrick Garland hastily appointed former U.S. attorney Robert Hur as a special counsel “to review the storage of sensitive documents discovered in spaces used by [alleged] President Joe Biden during the years preceding his return to the White House.

He was chosen because he has a veneer of Republican respectability. It’s a thin one though, that won’t stand up to the light of transparency.

Fair and impartial?

When Garland announced his choice of Robert Hur, the outrage was immediate. Democrats were the first ones to get furious. They demanded to know “whether Robert Hur would be fair and impartial.” That’s the last thing they want. It’s okay, they’re assured, he won’t be. He just looks like Republicans might trust him enough to let him stab them in the back.

As MSNBC points out, “Hur is, after all, a lawyer with a decidedly Republican background. It was Donald Trump who tapped him to serve as a U.S. attorney.” That’s where his conservatism ends. Kash Patel is already pulling the red buzzer on the wall.

This guy is a swamp monster of the tier-one level,” Patel told reporters, “He’s a government gangster. He’s now in charge of the continued crime-scene cover-up.” He’s not the only one waving big red flags. There seem to be “a handful of areas of concern.” Starting with the Muller inquisition.

Lisa Rubin alerts that “Hur was a top member of then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s team.” Garland is well aware that Hur played a big role in the big witch hunt into Donald Trump’s manufactured collusion with Russia. That’s why he got such a grilling from Republicans when he was up for appointment. Just hearing the name Rod Rosenstein gives conservatives the shivers. He was smack in the middle of the plot to overthrow President Trump.

Then there are Hur’s connections to Deep State fisherman Christopher Wray. Hur worked as “counsel” to the current boss of the FBI when Wray “was in charge of the Justice Department’s criminal division.” Wray was also appointed by Trump, as Garland is leveraging with his decision.

Even Rachel Maddow knows that “Wray has become a villain in far-right circles, with some Republicans even raising the prospect of trying to impeach him.” Conservative Republican Troy Nehls summed it up perfectly on Twitter. “The Special Counsel that AG Merrick Garland just appointed is FBI Director Christopher Wray’s former assistant. They’re all in on it.


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