Federal Agent Won’t Be Charged By the Feds…Shocker


Capitol Police arrested 27-year-old New Jersey man at the Justice for J6 event “for illegally possessing a gun on the grounds of the Capitol.” The feds aren’t going to press charges though. He’s one of them. A federal law enforcement agent with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. What he did is still illegal, even for him, but he got a free pass anyway just for being on the team.

No penalty for criminal ‘agent’

A couple guys chatting ahead of the recent Justice for J6 rally on 8chan spooked the FBI so bad the bureau had to deploy the national guard and get the barricade fences back up. At least one secret agent was lurking in the modest crowd on the day of the big event. We know because he got caught.

There were more reporters and undercover cops than there were deplorable Trump supporters. The psychotically paranoid Capitol Police made sure to arrest four people to show the public they had some sort of real reason to be there. One was carrying a knife, two were arrested after a traffic stop revealed outstanding warrants in Texas. Then there was the guy at the rally with the gun.

Despite all the hysterical security precautions, not a single cop in the park noticed the gun in the man’s waistband. Some deplorable patriots did and ratted the undercover agent out instantly.

The last thing the real Trump supporters wanted was violence. All the patriots are asking is “justice” for those railroaded on trumped up charges after being coaxed by QAnon into invading the Capitol.

Freaked out Democrats were totally certain that September 18 would “devolve into violence.” They screamed and stomped their feet until the fences came back. Every cop in the District of Columbia was pressed into service for security and they even requested “assistance from the National Guard,” promising they may someday even get paid for it.

They sent every agent they could to infiltrate the enemy camp. “Police had also warned they would come down hard on anyone who violated Washington’s gun laws,” which makes it especially surprising they didn’t notice the only one at the rally.

Legal to carry but not there

To increase the anxiety level ahead of the expected riot, the “FBI released new footage of the suspect who placed two pipe bombs near the RNC and DNC headquarters” back in January. He could be another secret agent.

Those expensive sneakers could be nothing but more misdirection. If they could do things like that, what other psychological warfare operations could they be up to on American soil. Ask Emily Rainey. She bused a bunch of her friends to the January riot.

In general, federal law lets law enforcement officers carry their guns everywhere. Even in other states with stricter gun laws. There are exceptions though. It’s still totally illegal for anyone to carry a gun at the U.S. Capitol, unless they’re on the job. A lot of people think this agent was.

That’s why he won’t be charged. The official story coming out of the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington is no comment. All they said were five simple words. Prosecutors are “not moving forward with charges.” They “did not provide additional information about the decision.”

Two cops leaked to the press that as far as they knew, “the officer was not at the rally in any official capacity.” They weren’t allowed to say that though. “The officials could not discuss the matter publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.” All CBP says is that their agent is “fully cooperating with the investigation.”

That’s another indication they knew ahead of time. “CBP stresses honor and integrity in every aspect of our mission and expects officers to adhere to the oath they take to uphold the laws of this country.” It’s okay, he’s with us, the Deep State says.


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