Dems Losing Ground, New Report Shows


A new report hot off the presses shows Hispanics simply don’t like Democrats any more than they approve of line jumping illegals. Liberals are losing a whole lot of ground and the reason why shocks them. Conservative Republicans already understand the issue completely but Democrats who live in the Fantasyland of magical unicorn farts refuse to accept reality.

Report shocks Democrats

A report in the Texas monthly has Democrats sulking in corners. The temper tantrum their state legislators threw splashed mud on the local liberals and it really hurt the chances for federal races too.

That’s not their biggest problem though. Instead of flipping blue, Lone Star State Hispanics are flipping them the bird.

The report is forcing Democrats to face the “stark realization” Hispanic voters are “far more conservative than they are willing to admit.”

For instance, McAllen “experienced the biggest shift in party vote share, toward Donald Trump, of any large city in the country save for Laredo.” In both of the border towns Trump saw an improvement in 2020 of 23 points over his 2016 performance.

A full 18 percent of the state’s Hispanic population lives in South Texas, the report points out, and those districts are the ones leaning farthest to the right. “In Starr County, just upriver from McAllen, Republicans increased their turnout by almost 300 percent between 2016 and 2020.”

They loved Hillary Clinton but “Joe Biden barely scraped out a five-point victory.” Republicans are making similar gains in Webb County and Zapata County. That one “didn’t even have a local Republican party.”

Hispanics identify as ‘White’

Over the past ten years, Texas picked up 4 million new citizens. Half of them are Latino. According to the report, the immigrants who stood in line, filled out all the endless forms and paid all the fees are outraged by the red carpet rolled out by Imperial Leader Biden and his wide open border globalist cronies.

Many Texas Hispanics “actively reject being cast as immigrants.” Hispanic South Texans “are proud of their Mexican heritage,” but “many do not consider themselves to be ‘people of color’ at all.”

All the way back in 2010 when the question was asked on the census, a full “53 percent of Americans who answered that they were Hispanic or Latino also marked their race as white.”

You can’t argue with a report like that. The sentiment has shifted a little since then. “Last year, in Starr County, where 96 percent of respondents were Hispanic, almost 99 percent identified as white.”

Democrats are in panic mode because the report notes that results like that “were common across South Texas, where 76 percent of Hispanic residents identify as white, substantially more than the 62 percent who do statewide.” Laredo is already looking a conservative shade of crimson as “95 percent of respondents marked Hispanic or Latino—making it the second-most Hispanic city in the country—and 96 percent identified as white.” And registered Republican.

Manuel Pescador Jr. left the Democratic Party because they offered “handouts and false promises.” Of illegal immigrants, “they come here, they refuse to assimilate and they’re here to use everything they can, in any way they can.” Hispanics that can vote, he promises, “vote Republican because we know who’s coming in.”


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