FBI Searched Melania Trump’s Underwear Drawer and Found…


The FBI didn’t find any nuclear secrets in Melania Trump’s underwear drawer, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe insists. He has a few ideas about why the Just Us Department wants to fight so hard against the Trump request for a special master. He’s an expert on when to use the magic marker and he’s not real happy with Garland’s transparency.

No nuclear secrets found

It’s obvious by now that no earth-shattering nuclear secrets were stashed at Mar-a-Lago but the persecution of rightful President Trump continues, full speed ahead. On Wednesday, August 31, former DNI John Ratcliffe informed Fox viewers that a special master is the right way to go. The judge, he explains, could appoint one and “it would be an extension of the court.” Not only that, “I do think that it’s the right thing to do.

The DOJ sees things differently. Merrick Garland swears up and downwe don’t need no steenking master.” They already sorted through everything. You can trust us, the Gestapo General declares. As Ratclife puts it, “we’ve already sorted everything and looked at everything. Take our word for it that it was done.

Ratcliffe isn’t buying it. “they had attorney-client privilege in there so the taint team that was looking at this didn’t do their job.” Good prosecutors “with good cases play it straight. They don’t need to play games, they don’t need to shop for judges, they don’t need to leak intelligence that may or may not exist.

Garland was sure to leak they were after secret nuclear documents. In the name of transparency, when the affidavit came out, he was sure to “doxx” Former Trump administration official Kash Patel by listing his name and “then redact the next seven consecutive pages.” If that isn’t political, what is? he asks.

This case, Ratcliffe insists, “tells you that the government didn’t find what they were looking for. There weren’t nuclear secrets in Melania Trump’s underwear drawer, and they’re trying to justify what they’ve done.” The public isn’t going to like that one bit.

They’re not playing it straight before the American people.” He thinks “that’s going to play out.” Sort of how the Dutch Farmers are doing it, with pitchforks to throw the hay bales in the street and torches to light them on fire.


Protecting Hunter Biden

All the time that the Federal Bureau of Instigation spent planning the raid on Mar-a-Lago underscores the time they didn’t spend planning one on Hunter Biden. The world recently learned that the bureau had their hands on Hunter’s slime covered laptop weeks before the 2020 election.

Bureau bigwigs ordered the rank and file agents to treat the machine like it was radioactive. They weren’t even allowed to glance in it’s general direction. It was packed full of nuclear bombshell evidence just waiting to go off and destroy the Democrats.

For instance, the emails proving that Hunter Biden set up a little “luncheon” affair at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. attended by a whole slew of heavy hitters. It was “hosted by then-Vice President Biden, according to emails reviewed and verified by Fox News Digital.” Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton co-hosted the party for “Hu Jintao, China’s president at the time, in the State Department’s Benjamin Franklin Room on Jan. 19, 2011.

Speaking of nuclear, does anyone remember Uranium One? Hunter “was sitting at the same table as Ron Klain, who was the chief of staff for Vice President Biden until the end of January 2011 and is currently Biden’s chief of staff.

John Kerry lurched in for lunch that day to rub elbows with Zhou Jingxing, counselor and deputy director at the Chinese Embassy. “After our call yesterday, Hunter reached out to Minister Yang and Counselor Zhou and thanked them both for arranging the dinner, said he was looking forward to seeing them both at the dinner and reiterating our interest in having the Ambassador there,” Schwerin wrote. “It should have been clear how important this was to Hunter and Guardian, so we should be good going forward.

Why didn’t the FBI look into that when it could have changed the election? Because it would have changed the election. That’s the nuclear secret.


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