FBI Issues Announcement

FBI Issues Announcement

The FBI Field Office in Pittsburgh has confirmed in an announcement that they have open cases against protestors who took part in the storming of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

“We have a number of leads here. We have a number of cases that are relevant to people living in the Western District of Pennsylvania. We believe there may have been people from this area who traveled down there and possibly participated in criminal activity. If you’re one of those people and you’re listening, I would encourage you to contact us,” Special Agent in Charge Michael Christman said.

Throughout the country, the FBI has been reviewing more than 100,000 pieces of video evidence, has opened 170 cases and is planning to make hundreds of arrests.

They are asking for the public’s help to identify others in the area who may have attended the protest, and the left is ready and willing to help.

The FBI is accepting both tips and additional digital media of the event from the public.

On January 12, the FBI announced that a Pittsburgh resident claimed during an interview that more protests may be planned in the area leading up to Inauguration Day.

A local CBS News outlet, KDKA, reported that, “according to agents, the report took place over the weekend, and since the interview, investigators say they are not aware of any related threats in western Pennsylvania or West Virginia.”

During an interview with KDKA on January 13, Special Agent in Charge Michael Christman said that the FBI investigated the reports, and did not find any evidence of actions planned in the area.


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