Mueller Exposed: Records Shatter Silence – Whole Team ‘Should Be Looked At Criminally’


Robert Mueller is willing to overlook lying to the FBI when the witness says exactly what the agents want to hear. Mysterious Maltese Professor Joseph Mifsud intentionally lied to the FBI and the Grand Inquisitor admits the spy was never charged with anything. While the professor is hiding, notes released in response to a FOIA request have shattered the silence. Devin Nunes is convinced that the Deep State team tried to “cherry-pick” anti-Trump information and the whole crew should now be “looked at criminally.”

Whole Mueller team should be criminally investigated

A page and a half of FBI interview notes were made public on Tuesday in response to BuzzFeed’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. The notes indicate that on February 11, 2017, the FBI interviewed Professor Joseph Mifsud in the lobby of Washington’s Omni Shoreham Hotel, but their talk with a “key Trump-Russia inquiry figure” was “a brief and cursory one.” In the short meeting, Mifsud told nothing but lies, one after another. Mueller detailed in his report that he is well aware that Mifsud “lied to investigators” that day, but Mifsud was also the one who indirectly started the Trump Russia collusion wild goose chase. For some reason, the special prosecutor saw no need to prosecute him for his crimes.

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes is totally convinced that the notes show how the inquisition tried to “cherry-pick” anti-Trump information to use as part of the Deep State coup plot. He insists that the whole crew should now be “looked at criminally.” His colleague Jim Jordan agrees. Jordan had a pretty good idea what was going on, when he personally interrogated Mueller in July of 2019. He shined bright lights in Mueller’s eyes and demanded to know if “the special counsel interviewed Mifsud, if Mifsud lied to them, and whether Mifsud was Western intelligence or Russian intelligence.”

All Mueller could do was stammer “I can’t get into that.” Mueller knew the professor had been interviewed, had lied, and was on our side of the spy game. He just didn’t want to admit it. Jordan looked at him with disgust and scolded, “the central figure who launches it all lies to us, and you guys don’t hunt him down and interview him again, and you don’t charge him with a crime.” Mueller took the fifth and held his tongue. Now we know why.

A trap for Trump

It was all clearly set up as a “Trump trap.” George Papadopoulos was lured to London for a meeting with Mifsud in April of 2016, where he was introduced to Putin’s niece, Olga Polonskaya. They told the American that Russia had “thousands of emails” which were damaging to Hillary Clinton. Papadopoulos went straight to Australian diplomat Alexander Downer and relayed, in May of 2016, what the spies had told him. “When WikiLeaks published emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee by Russia, Downer informed the U.S.” The trap had been sprung. The FBI has insisted all along that “the diplomat’s account spurred the beginning” of the Mueller Trump-Russia investigation.

When the FBI asked him what he told Papadopoulos, he lied through his teeth and said the exact opposite. That’s a crime. “Mifsud stated he had no advance knowledge Russia was in possession of emails from the Democratic National Committee and, therefore, did not make any offers or proffer any information to Papadopoulos. They spoke about cyber security and hacking as a larger issue.” The handwritten notes reveal the agent recorded, “Papadopoulos must have misunderstood their conversation. Mifsud has not seen Papadopoulos since the U.K. meeting.” That was another lie and Mueller knew it. The Trump witch-hunt report concluded, Mifsud “also falsely stated that he had not seen Papadopoulos since the meeting at which Mifsud introduced him to Polonskaya,” despite evidence showing Mifsud and Papadopoulos met at least two other times in April 2016. Mifsud also “omitted that he had drafted (or edited) the follow-up message that Polonskaya sent to Papadopoulos.”

After that he dropped out of sight. He “left the United States after his FBI interview and was last seen in public in October 2017 at Link Campus in Rome.” Mysteriously, “Mifsud’s passport was discovered to have been sitting in a lost-and-found on the Portuguese island of Madeira since August, 2017.” The Senate Intelligence Committee report in August notes, “Mifsud was aware of an aspect of Russia’s active measures campaign in the 2016 election.” Also, “Mifsud told Papadopoulos what he knew.” Mifsud “exhibited behavior consistent with intelligence tradecraft.”


  1. Clearly a trap for the President! It should be treated CRIMINALLY but, the question is: WILL IT? Or our justice system Comey, Obama. Strozck, Clapper and page the paramour!
    All a bunch of TREASONOUS characters! TREASON is punishable by DEATH, I believe????

  2. Let’s combine The Attack on Trump, The Complicity of the previous administration, CIA and DNI included, 33,000 missing emails, The Mysterious death of the DNC person who was robbed at gunpoint but still had his watch and wallet, The DNC and their purchase of bogus information about Trump, Was there Collusion between Hillary and Vladimere when she sold 20% of our ENRICHED URANIUM to him, ( Weapons grade BTW ) And the question, Did the previous administration give China any money or assistance with their Research Lab, Why did it take Mueller 2 weeks to get to a COLD CRIME SCENE in BenGhazi, Why did the Sec of State delay providing the security that Ambassador Stevens requested? How ” tight ” is the relationship between Hillary and Kristin in regards to the Sex Club. How tight were Epstein and Rainerre?

  3. Hillary Clinton and George Soros were behind the whole scheme meant to ensure Donald Trump’s defeat and crooked Hillary’s victory. Unfortunately for her and thank God for us it didn’t work out according to plan for Hillary. And the sore loser hasn’t shut her mouth since November 2016 blaming everything but the kitchen sink that she lost. And if indeed she did win the popular vote as she claimed but as I doubt it was because she employed her usual tactic of voter fraud and rigging. She is a miserable old hag who should die as she lived. She tried everything including murder but we the people still rejected her. She and Bill should spend their remaining years continuing to make each other miserable.


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