Driver Spots Young Girl Alone on Road, Frantically Waving Her Arms…Then THIS Happens


While driving down a wooded freeway, this driver happened to notice a little girl on the side of the road, barefoot and alone. Upon closer inspection, the girl was frantically waving her arms in hopes of flagging down someone for help. Thankfully, the driver stopped to help the girl, who led them to a horrific scene.

Angela Shymanski and her two children, five-year-old Lexi Shymanski and ten-week-old Peter, were driving through the Canadian Rockies on their way home from vacation. They were listening to lullabies when Angela fell asleep at the wheel.

Little did they know that this would end up being a day that no one in the family would ever forget.

Their car veered off the highway at high speed, crashing through trees and gravel before plummeting down a forty-foot embankment near Jasper, Alberta in Canada. When Lexi awoke from being knocked out, she saw her mother slumped over the wheel with Peter crying.

Knowing that nobody could see them down there, Lexi managed to free herself from her five-point harness restraint and get out of the car. She then began an incredible journey – barefoot – up a steep embankment to get help for her family.

Miraculously, Lexi was able to flag down a vehicle for help – and it happened to be driven by an off duty paramedic. He stayed with Angela until she regained consciousness while someone else had taken care of Peter safely away from the wreckage.

The fact that he was medically trained likely saved Angela’s life or prevented permanent paralysis for her since moving her body could have caused more injury.

Everyone is amazed by what Lexi did that day – “Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes, and Lexi was our superhero that day,” said Angela proudly after learning what happened while she had been unconscious during the crash.


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