Breaking: DeSantis Can Pack Up and Head Home After This News


Former President Donald Trump just got some amazing news and it really indicates that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should pack up his things and head for home when it comes to the 2024 presidential election. Republican Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) has come forward to announce his endorsement for Trump in the upcoming election.

It’s no secret that the United States has been struggling for the past three years under President Joe Biden. With so many issues taking center stage, Republican Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) is making a plea for party members to come together in support of former president Donald Trump.

In an op-ed written for Newsweek, Sen. Scott outlines why he believes America needs strong leadership and how only Trump can provide it. It’s time, according to Scott, for Republicans to get behind their candidate and unify their efforts in order to defeat Biden.

During his first term as president, Donald Trump was able to keep America on its path towards economic prosperity and energy independence. Moreover, dictatorships around the world were left silenced by his strongman leadership while peace remained in the Middle East.

His efforts paved way for a booming economy and many other successes that are still talked about today.

Senator Rick Scott further stresses the need for Republicans to come together beneath one banner in order send a clear message across – that they are unified in their mission of defeating Joe Biden and restoring America back into its rightful position of economic strength and moral leader of the free world. He even takes it one step further by urging Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to end his campaign now as he will not be able win against President Trump who has already earned himself endorsements from most of Florida’s GOP congressional delegation.

Senator Rick Scott makes an earnest call upon all Republicans everywhere; it is time put aside differences if we want any chance at success this election season.


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