Adam Schiff Dirty Secret Has Just Been Exposed

Adam Schiff
Adam Schiff

It’s no secret that Republicans have long had a distaste for Rep. Adam Schiff for years now, most specifically his role in the Russiagate hoax. However, despite this, he still has plans to run for the Senate seat previously held by Dianne Feinstein until her recent death in September.

But does he even live in California?

According to a recent CNN report, mortgage records show that Schiff’s primary residence is actually located in the Washington D.C suburb of Potomac, Maryland. On top of this, it appears that he claims a 650-square-foot condo in Los Angeles as his primary residence on tax forms – something which offers him a $7000 discount from what he’d otherwise be paying out to government taxes each year.

CNN also found further evidence suggesting that Schiff spends most of his time at his Maryland home rather than the Burbank property – noting how deed records were notarized from Maryland along with other recurring references to the state and county on different documents pertaining to said property.

It’s also worth noting here that while there may not be anything strictly illegal about this particular arrangement given certain vagueness associated with “homeowner’s exemption” rules under California law, it could well present an ethical issue when it comes to optics – particularly since Schiff is currently involved in a tight race against three other high-profile candidates for the position.

That being said, according to Candace Turitto – a professor of Political Science at University of Maryland – technically speaking there’s nothing wrong with what Congressman Schiff has done here; all you need per Constitution regulations is simply inhabitancy within state limits at election time and nothing more.

His campaign also insists adamantly that despite appearances otherwise, Adam still considers himself very much a Californian through and through; citing how his website makes no mention whatsoever of any potential ties to Maryland while stressing (among other things) how he and wife Eve are proud parents of two children living within LA County itself right now (Alexa & Elijah).

So what are we left with? It boils down mostly to whether voters will take kindly or ill towards someone who potentially isn’t living up fully to expectations associated with full-time residency within their respective district/state boundaries.


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