Dozens of Domestic Terrorists ARRESTED

Dozens of Domestic Terrorists ARRESTED

Dozens of left-wing domestic terrorists were arrested after attacking Trump supporters at a “Million MAGA March” in Washington DC, including a BLM activist and registered child sex offender, Kenneth Wayne DeBerry.

DeBerry was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, inciting violence, and being a felon in possession of a gun.

During the day, the rally was peaceful, but as the march continued into the night, left-wing counter-protesters showed up and became violent. The attacks by these domestic terrorists escalated and more than 20 people were arrested.

President Trump tweeted about the attacks on his supporters, and called on the police to do their job, writing: “ANTIFA SCUM ran for the hills today when they tried attacking people at the Trump Rally, because those people aggressively fought back. Antifa waited until tonight, when 99% were gone, to attack innocent #MAGA People. DC Police, get going — do your job and don’t hold back!!!”

Videos posted to Twitter show left-wing terrorists harassing Trump supporters, stealing their Trump hats and flags and burning them, punching people in the streets, and even reports of a knife attack.

According to authorities, one male demonstrator was stabbed multiple times and sustained injuries that were not considered life threatening.

The charges for the arrested “protesters” included assault and weapons possession, according to officials. Two police officers were also injured, and multiple firearms were recovered by police.


  1. Conservatives should just accept the fact that they are involved in a war-but, right now they are exclusively acting as pawns-get sent out before the action to get the hell kicked out of you. It sure as hell in’t going to stop until the conservatives dig in and offer some resistance. I’m not suggesting violence with weaponry, but neither should any conservative who cares for his life ever turn his back of one of these animals and for God’s sake if an altercation ensues punch the bastard first. They don’t want to fight in that manner-their style is to sneak up behind you and the punch and run.

  2. It will be Justice when they are locked up in GITMO awaiting a NOOSE as they should get along with those who support them aka Democraps in Congress. Democraps do this through their money man Soros.

  3. Being an American born citizen for 74 years and seeing what is going on makes me sick…I can not believe one group who thinks America owes them more than what they are getting already feels ALL Americans should bend over for them not take a knee but BEND OVER to give them what they “feel” they are owed by others… because they made bad decisions is not my responsibility to give them a free ride in life. Who gave them the idea because of their “color” they are better than anyone else working for a living! Where did this mindset come from! Im afraid to fly my American flag or to voice my opinion on who I voted for because of the terrorists out there wanting to destroy the America that has given them more than they deserve.. either your a liability to this country or an asset and those who wear the BLM or give to BLM are a lliability and should be charged with treason to this great country they live in they have it better her than ANYWHERE on earth and if they dont realize that get them a one way ticket out and stop the hate etc! THIS IS AMERICA and will always be AMERICA where we work to together to make America great or get out of the way of those who love this country and would fight for its survival we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA so if you live her want to live her abide by those words!

  4. unshackle the police and let them do the job they were hired for. if your stupid enough to fight the police when orders are given, you get what you deserve! pull a gun on a cop, your going to get popped!

  5. My God, everytime I watch this video I just want to step in just as that punk-ass steps up behind this man to sucker punch him so I could do that to him. Friggin’ coward, sneaking up behind someone is how they do it, and a little of their own medicine to see how they’d like it.
    I just hate that guy, he needs to good, hard lesson in humility.


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