Enthusiastic Latinos Welcome Trump to Phoenix


An enthusiastic crowd of “Latinos for Trump” numbering in the hundreds welcomed President Donald Trump to Phoenix, Arizona, on Monday, for his fifth visit to the state. This trip was to attend a roundtable discussion with prominent business leaders and local lawmakers.

Arizona Latinos back Trump all the way

After attending a briefing on the west coast wildfires in California followed by a quick touch down in Nevada on Sunday, President Donald Trump landed in Phoenix Monday afternoon. “Hundreds” of “enthusiastic Trump supporters,” AZCentral reports, “waited hours in line to see the president.” Most of the crowd for the Latinos for Trump coalition event were patriotically dressed out in pro-Trump, pro-America splendor.

Inside the conference, President Trump promised Latinos he’ll continue slashing the red tape that snarls them from doing business internationally. The point that got them fired up enough for a standing ovation is when he boldly declared to take a stand with law enforcement. The whole crowd “leapt to their feet to cheer his support of law enforcement and jubilantly chanted ‘four more years’ early in his remarks.”

Joe Biden has yet to show his face in the Grand Canyon State. The locals there don’t like his policies. As President Trump warned, if Kamala Harris, the real candidate, gets elected, they’ll “‘terminate’ the nation’s economic recovery, stand with ‘anarchists’ who are protesting in American cities over the treatment of minorities at the hands of police, and would ‘totally eliminate’ the Second Amendment.” The Cubans in Florida know Trump wants to protect their families and the Latinos in Arizona do too. At least the legal immigrants who came in properly. They’re furious that Barack Obama and Joe Biden rolled out the red carpet for their lazy cousins.

Necessary to vote for President Trump

During the Latinos for Trump discussion, the Vietnam vet who owns the Los Angeles Angels and also happens to be a Mexican-American, Arte Moreno, declared, “we all know where we’ve been. It’s necessary to focus on today and the future, and it’s very necessary to vote for President Trump.” State lawmaker and local independent grocer T.J. Shope praised America for the ability to become successful, “because you can do that in Arizona. You can do that in America. To be able to have failure, and a comeback, and now, here I am at age 35 in the state Legislature, living a wonderful life.” His mom was born in Mexico. Still, he notes, it’s tough being “a minority and Republican at times because friends and families sometimes treat you differently.”

Martha Llamas described how she started out as a high school dropout and victim of domestic violence but she “knew how to clean well.” Starting out stereotypically as a janitor, she didn’t see the job as a dead end trap for Latinos. “For the first time I felt freedom and I don’t want to be dependent on the government.” She owns her very own janitorial company. “For me, that is the American Dream.” She said she “now helps workers learn English, become independent by purchasing cars, and become U.S. citizens.” She took the oath of citizenship in 2008. “Look at where it got me! Now, I’m here, sitting next to the president.”

Jorge Rivas, described as “an immigrant and owner of Sammy’s Mexican Restaurant in Tucson,” was a huge hit. He “stole part of the show with a lengthy monologue detailing his support for Trump.” Because no good deed seems to go unpunished, “he and his wife faced backlash after standing with Trump at a March appearance.” President Trump learned what happened, tweeted about it, “and business boomed.” As he said in the meeting, “Latinos like him place a strong emphasis on God, keeping families strong and together, and for opportunities to own businesses and raise families safely.” That’s exactly why he knows “that a ton of people are praying for you.” That line generated “wild cheers” and “a standing ovation and praise from Trump, who challenged the next speaker to try to follow Rivas’ compelling remarks.”



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