Document Reportedly Reveals FDA Colluded With

Document Reportedly Reveals FDA Colluded With

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been accused of colluding with the United States Postal Service to intercept inbound international shipments of Ivermectin.

Ivermectin has been touted by many on the right, as well as many highly esteemed medical professionals, as a possible treatment for COVID-19. It has been used in the treatment of several illnesses for decades, but has recently stirred up controversy after being mentioned by former President Donald Trump. As per usual, anything Trump says is automatically slandered by the left and the mainstream media, and this wonder drug is no exception.

The left and the media immediately ran with the claim that Ivermectin was “horse dewormer,” because of the drug’s use in veterinary medicine (in much larger doses). They convinced large swaths of the public that it was not for human consumption, that people were being admitted to the emergency room en masse for overdosing on the drug, and attempted to silence anyone who tried to discuss the possibility of studying its effects on treating COVID. There are two main reasons they are doing this: 1) they hate Trump and anything he suggests, and 2) they love Big Pharma and need to push the vaccine.

Now, they are using government agencies to further push their anti-Ivermectin agenda.

According to letters from the FDA that are circulating on social media, the FDA is using the Postal Service to block shipments of Ivermectin from reaching their intended recipients as they are coming in through ports of entry.

“A shipment addressed to you from a foreign country is being held by the post office at the request of the US Food and Drug Administration,” reads one letter shared on Twitter by attorney Aaron Siri.

“The FDA is working with the post office to hold packages containing ivermectin. The FDA could better use its resources to, I don’t know, publicly release the docs submitted by Pfizer to license its mandated liability-free V earlier than 75 years from now!” the attorney commented in the Twitter post.

The letter states that the package containing 200 tablets of “Iverheal ivermectin tablets” was intercepted at the JFK Airport Port of Entry on November 9, 2021.

Another letter was shared by a Twitter user that detailed how a shipment of 300 tablets of “Iverpac12” was intercepted by the FDA back in August, which they said were “subject to refusal of admission into the United States and are subject to administrative destruction.”


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