DNC Forensic Team Easily Spoofed DARPA Guys Say


The Department of Defense has already admitted that some of their DARPA contractors had performed “a retrospective analysis” on an alleged cyber intrusion of the DNC. While that report remains hidden from the public, The Federalist got their hands on some of the paperwork. It exposes the fact that the Georgia Tech cyber security experts “ensnared in the Alfa Bank hoax” were totally convinced that Hillary Clinton’s team were either clueless or intentionally covering something up. “CrowdStrike’s approach to investigating computer intrusions relied on the use of easily ‘spoofed/impersonated‘ signals of traffic.

DNC hack spoofed

What this means is that the DARPA guys exposed by John Durham’s special investigation got to take at least an unofficial look at what allegedly happened inside Democrat HQ, right before the 2016 election, blamed on Russians out to help Donald Trump. In June of 2016, a month before Wikileaks published “a trove of internal communiques revealing top DNC officials plotted to destroy Bernie Sanders’ presidential ambitions in favor of their preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton,

The Democratic National Committee “publicly confirmed that its server had been hacked.” They seem to be the ones who hacked it. Bernie could have been in on it. He didn’t squawk about it and they paid him off with a new beach house.

Washington Post reported that CrowdStrike “had concluded two Russian military intelligence groups, branded Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear, bore responsibility for the intrusions.

There was also an elusive “Guccifer 2.0” who popped up out of thin air right about then, with all the damaging dirt. That’s about when Seth Rich met his inexplicable end. At the time, Imran Awan of Pakistan had full run of all the DNC hardware. He knows how to boot Ubuntu from a flash drive too.

Democrats relied heavily on the CrowdStrike report, with the opinion echoed all over the network media. Putin’s agents hacked the DNC, they claimed, as part of their collusion with Donald Trump. It started to unravel in 2017 when the company’s president was hauled in front of the House Intelligence Committee.

That’s when he admitted under oath there “was no ‘concrete evidence‘ that the emails were stolen electronically.” They weren’t stolen. They were downloaded with permission. Robert Mueller didn’t like hearing that one bit because it totally debunked his inquisition.

Over 70 gigabytes

The thing about moving 70 gigabytes around is that it takes time to fling that huge pile of bits from one place to another. Even with the best internet connections known to man nobody could fling 70 GB across the interweb within the file transfer time experts determined. What does match up is a download to flash drive. Those numbers work perfect. When you look at what happens to the filenames and hidden tags that move along with the files which only experts know to look for, it seems real likely that a Linux operating system was involved. A commonly available open source boot flash would easily do the job.

Power off the unit, plug in the drive, boot back up and whoever is at the keyboard has full access to the file system. Passwords? None required. Footprints? none left behind because they go away when the power goes off and the machine comes back up in windows. They could have given the DNC computer a lobotomy and it wouldn’t have even noticed it.

It’s all back in the public spotlight because John Durham indicted Michael Sussmann.

He’s the one who led to the discovery “that cyber-security experts assisted tech executive Rodney Joffe in crafting deceptive data and whitepapers to create the false appearance of a secret communication network between Trump and the Russian-based Alfa Bank.” They wrote a similar whitepaper on the DNC hack but nobody has seen it yet.

As the probe deepened, The Federalist broke the news that “Durham’s team had asked Georgia Tech cybersecurity expert Manos Antonakakis ‘point blank‘ whether the Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DAPRA) ‘should be instructing you to investigate the origins of a hacker (Guccifer_2.0) that hacked a political entity (DNC).

His answer, ask the director, makes everyone believe that’s an admission.


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