Wild Walmart Shootout Injures Innocent Bystander


Two women had a dispute which devolved into gunfire at the local Walmart. Phoenix, Arizona had a flashback to the Wild-Wild West on Sunday evening. An innocent bystander got shot in the casual gunplay before the suspects vanished.

Walmart shoot out

Phoenix Police are doing what they can to investigate a shooting reported Sunday, May 8, at the Walmart on 35th Avenue and Bethany Home Road.

The only thing officers found when they got there was the victim, who “wasn’t involved in the altercation.” It’s not clear what the women were fighting about.

The victim was extricated from the store to fire personnel,” Phoenix Police Sargent Philip Krynsky relates. “Officers conducted a search of the business and no other victims or suspects were located.

Walmart customers told investigators what they saw, and it was pieced together with the camera footage. So far, what they know isn’t much.

The official report at this early stage is “a physical fight between two women led to one of them pulling out a gun and shooting at the other.” She did not practice any sort of good gun control.

The suspect appeared to have missed the intended target and struck the victim, who was unrelated to the altercation.” Everyone wonders what in the wide, wide world of Walmart was so important to start blasting over. “Both women involved reportedly ran off from the scene and haven’t been found.

Multiple shots fired

Local news outlet KTAR adds that the Walmart shooting happened just after 8 p.m. and that the suspect “fired multiple times.

They also confirm the victim’s injuries weren’t life-threatening.

While they’re at it, Phoenix is still looking for a suspect who “robbed a Walmart and pepper sprayed employees in the face” back in December.

Not far from the shooting location, the outlet at Dunlap Avenue and I-17 was powerless to stop an unidentified anarchist who “took a backpack and walked past all purchase-area points.” When “he was confronted by store employees, he pepper sprayed them in the face and fled the store.

Incidents like this aren’t the fault of Walmart. These are symptoms of a much larger problem. Revolving door catch and release justice, combined with non-existent prosecution and the general decriminalization of crime has led an entire generation to believe they can do as they please without ever suffering a single consequence for their actions.

At this point, nobody can prove them wrong. Nobody is trying to stop them either. It’s gotten to the point you need to strap on the head to toe Kevlar body armor before visiting the grocery store. At least Arizona allows open and concealed carry, so you can shoot back.


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