Disturbing Experiments on Babies

Disturbing Experiments on Babies
University of Pittsburgh

Somehow, a story about disturbing experiments being conducted on babies went virtually unnoticed for nearly two and a half months.

In an op-ed published by Newsweek, David Daleiden discussed his experience testifying at the Pennsylvania House Health Committee’s hearing on “Fetal Experimentation” in early May of 2021.

Despite Pennsylvania’s pro-life reputation, the University of Pittsburgh “hosts disturbing and barbaric government-sponsored experiments on aborted babies: infant scalping, exporting fetal kidneys and killing live-aborted infants by organ harvesting,” according to Daleiden.

Daleiden, an investigative journalist and founder of the Center for Medical Progress, became famous after he went undercover and found “evidence of infants born alive and vivisected for their organs, illegal partial birth abortions, and a host of financial and ethical violations relating to the illegal trafficking in aborted baby body parts,” and was subsequently sued by the abortion industry and the government for his undercover work.

Fox News reports:

“Daleiden, an anti-abortion activist, famously released undercover videos of Planned Parenthood officials engaging in highly controversial discussions about fetal tissue procurement. In response, California sued him through an unprecedented application of the state’s eavesdropping law — a move that Daleiden alleges was intended to suppress journalism.”

According to Daleiden, evidence connects the University of Pittsburgh’s experiments to Planned Parenthood.

During the hearing, the university “stonewalled lawmakers with an unprepared, newly hired witness who could not answer basic questions,” according to Daleiden.

The investigative journalist detailed these disturbing experiments in his op-ed, writing:

“In one study published last year, Pitt scientists described scalping 5-month-old aborted babies to stitch onto the backs of lab rats. They wrote about how they cut the scalps from the heads and backs of the babies, scraping off the ‘excess fat’ under the baby skin before stitching it onto the rats. They even included photos of the babies’ hair growing out of the scalps. Each scalp belonged to a little Pennsylvania baby whose head would grow those same hairs if he or she were not aborted for experiments with lab rats.”

The university’s witness failed to explain away the horrific actions, and instead focused on one tiny detail of the explanation of the study to nitpick.

“Lab mice, not lab rats,” the university’s witness told the committee indignantly.

Of course, they were wrong about that too. The published study actually used both rats and mice to grow the babies’ scalps.

Further, the question of how the study was paid for was also answered.

According to Daleiden’s article, the study was funded “with a $430,000 grant from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s NIAID office at the NIH.”

That wasn’t the only disturbing study funded by the NIH. Another scientist at the University of Pittsburgh “developed a nightmarish ‘protocol’ for harvesting the freshest, most pristine livers from 5-month-old aborted babies in order to isolate massive numbers of stem cells for experimental transplants,” Daleiden wrote.

To conduct these experiments, the babies had to be aborted alive via labor induction, and rushed to a sterile laboratory where they are washed, cut open, and their livers are harvested. The scientist conducting this horrific experiment received $3 million from the NIH.


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