Deep State Agent Gives Half Baked Testimony


In his opening testimony for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hyper-partisan sham of an inquiry into the January 6th Capitol riot, FBI Director Christopher Wray elaborated on the Feds’ colossal and deliberate overreaction. He called the events of the day “Domestic Terrorism” in a textbook example of precision-targeted hyperbole and an “affront to the rule of law” for maximum dramatic flair. It is doubtful that the Biden-Harris regime appointed him for his investigative or administrative prowess, but rather for his impressive acting chops.

Where just back in May 2021, Dir. Wray wasn’t quite willing to chase his masters Biden and Harris off the “domestic terrorism” cliff, he seems to have come around. According to Patriot United News, while Biden was screaming “terrorism” he showed some measure and nuance, saying “One of the things we struggle with in particular is that more and more, the ideologies if you will, that are motivating these violent extremists are less and less coherent, less and less linear, less and less easy to pin down,” Wray said.

He continued, “In some cases, it seems like people coming up with their own customized belief system – a little bit of this, a little bit of that – and they put it together, maybe combined with some personal grievance that’s happened to them in their lives, and that drives them.”

Wray’s Testimony You Have To See To Believe

In August though, it would seem that the coercion of even the FBI’s top Agent has been completed. Here are some of the creepier moments from his testimony. (The full video is provided below.)
Director Wray told Pelosi’s committee,

“On January 6 our country witnessed an angry mob attack viewers capital in a failed attempt to interfere with our democratic process an assault where you the members of congress were victims but where all Americans in a sense were victimized and more than 100 law enforcement officers were injured in just a few hours.

Such acts of domestic terrorism are an affront to the rule of law and have no place in our democracy and the FBI’s Agents analysts and professionals alongside our partners have been working around the clock to track down those who participated in the attack to hold them accountable.”

We’ve already made close to 500 arrests with more sure to come. Unfortunately, January 6 wasn’t an isolated event. Domestic terrorism has been and continues to be a top concern for the FBI so much so that over the past three years we doubled our domestic terrorism investigations and arrests. In no small part because of the rise in racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists which I elevated to our highest threat priority level back in 2019.

And because of the rise in violence from anti-government anti-authority actors over the past year including on January 6. I’ve also repeatedly highlighted the severity of the threat more than a dozen times in testimony over the years since I took office now thankfully the FBI is far from alone in this fight earlier today Attorney General Garland announced the first-ever national strategy for countering domestic terrorism.

 The strategy calls for a sweeping response to the pervasive domestic terrorism problem. One that demands attention from all of us.

It serves as a commitment from the U.S. Government to work with our state, local and foreign partners and with private sector partners to share domestic terrorism-related information, prevent domestic terrorism recruitment and mobilization to violence, and disrupt terrorist activity here in the homeland before it happens.

It’s also a thoughtful response that carefully balances American safety and security with the civil rights and civil liberties we all cherish.”

Sadly, and predictably there was no mention of Black Lives Matter’s 180 days of rioting, looting, and burning in 140 American cities to the tune of $2+ Billion in damages, or Antifa’s reign of terror in Portland, Oregon. There was no long, detailed elucidation of the dangers presented by the Chinese Foreign Ministry infiltrating the American government via the bedroom of one inept California Congressman at a time. And not a single word in reference to the increasingly disturbing reports that the electoral system has been manipulated. In other words, nothing that actually matters was discussed.


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