Details: Obama’s Deep State Pushes to Continue Malicious Activity Against Americans


We still don’t know which particular Deep State rats in Barack Obama’s NSA, FBI and DOJ were selling access to the U.S. Intelligence database like it was a super-duper version of Google search, but the latest revelation is that Christopher Wray wants to keep doing it.

Obama’s Deep State rats sold the cheese

A special report was completed by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court which was released internally in Obama’s cabinet before the 2016 election, but didn’t get any notice at all for nearly a year, when it was finally declassified in April of 2017. Not only is the abuse still happening, Christopher Wray wants to keep it going.

It was the report of an audit of Obama administration FISA database searches and it detailed “a number of criminal activities.” None of which have been prosecuted. Basically it proved that Obama’s deep state rats sold the cheese they were supposed to be guarding.

The FISA Court found “widespread abuse.” The report lays out how “Obama’s FBI, NSA and DOJ performed searches on Americans that were against their 4th Amendment rights. This went on for years.” One conclusion they reach is that “85% of the Section 704 and 705(b) FISA searches made during the time of the audit,” which happened for several months in 2015, “were non-compliant with applicable laws and therefore criminal.” They were allegedly fishing for things to help back Christopher Steel’s fictitious dossier.

Illegally searching Americans against their rights

For three years now, the public has known that the Department of Injustice and their subordinates at the Federal Bureau of Instigation were illegally combing through the files of anyone they wanted to. If that isn’t bad enough, James Comey and other of Obama’s top officials in the FBI were secretly “providing this information to outside contractors who had no business or legal cause or claim for the information.”

Christopher Wray continues to act as an agent for the Deep State by beating Obama’s dead horse of Russia Collusion. While nobody is trying to say that Russia isn’t a threat to our elections, Iran, North Korea, and China are every bit as much of a threat as Russia, despite Wray’s tunnel vision. Another thing that he won’t admit is that Antifa has an organizational presence as well as an ideological one.

Our alleged Director of the FBI is already on the way out. rumors are swirling that he won’t be around long after the election. It’s bad enough that Obama’s FBI and DOJ were selling access to a collection of American secrets, Wray actually had the nerve to tell Senators this week that he wants to continue the practice.


  1. This is a fake election
    Obamas Des do not want to win
    Common sense says “treat your voteres well in an elections year.
    Instead we see Lib/Left Governors, Lib/Left Mayors, Lib/Left Senators, and L:ibe/left Congressmen all working oveftime to hurt the voters and all supporting riotingf and destruction of voter property across the nations.
    And the MSM useful idiots continue to assure their listeners that Biden will win
    They desperately do not want to win because they believe the Economy that was set up by Obama/Reid will tank and they want to blame the GOP

  2. Christopher Wray needs to go too. Again, just as all of the others who are so corrupt; through investigation, trial, then the stiffest punishment possible. All of these corrupt have cheated the American people for years; AND they have interfered with the oversight of our government for the last almost four years. So corrupt, So vile, So evil!!! DRAIN THE SWAMP! We pray God will continue to expose these people and their dastardly deeds!!!

  3. President Trump needs to fire these damn people, Wray, Durham and Barr and others and bring charges against the crooks. Get them into the courts where juries can be used to actually get these people in jail. Get rid of the intelligent person and release this information against these disloyal to our country. Once Biden is in this stuff will go past the time limits for charges. Is this what Wray, Barr and Durham are waiting for. Come on President Trump bring charges against these people, What the heck is Barr and Durham doing. Arrest Biden for his criminal actions before he becomes president. He is under no protection right now. Wehave lost President Trump so he should declassify anything he can get his hands on and fire the intelligence guy who is in charge and refusing to release the evidence.


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