Internet Erupts After GOP House Candidate Publishes Deep State Report


A 23-page-report circulated by a congressional candidate has the virtual universe of the internet erupting like a volcano. If the allegations are true, it means the entire George Floyd murder was a Deep State deep-fake.

Report claims George Floyd video was a deep-fake

Any report published on the internet is immediately suspicious. That does not mean it isn’t true. Any time you chase the Cheshire Cat down the Deep State rabbit hole you’re likely to find things in dark corners that make sense and have good supporting documentation. This is one of them.

You might not be able to say it’s firmly proven, but there is a stage right below that where the standard becomes, “is there enough credibility to investigate and find out if it’s true.” The murder of George Floyd deserves an investigation. There are solid facts suggesting the entire event was a false-flag operation carried out by the Deep State to incite a Helter Skelter war between blacks and the police.

Kudos to the Republican candidate for Congress in St. Louis, Missouri, Winnie Heartstrong, for calling attention to the controversy. She published a 23-page analysis of the riot inducing video which allegedly portrays the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police. Her conclusions are stunning.

All digital composites

The controversial report concludes that “no one in the video is really one person but rather they are all digital composites of two or more real people to form completely new digital persons using deep-fake technology.” It was produced professionally to specifically inflame racial tensions.


A bunch of patriotic “citizen investigators” pieced together the data alleging George Floyd “died long before May 25.” Not only that, the character who played Derek Chauvin of the MMPD is really Ben Bailey, host of “Cash Cab.” Heartstrong urges President Trump “to open an investigation into these claims.”

According to the research report, George Perry Floyd died in 2016 in Texas. That was reported by his attorney and guardian ad litem at the time. Stephen Jesse Jackson allegedly was the one who passed the bogus note and he is “very much alive.” The video seems to show a “digital composite of both men using deep-fake technology.” They didn’t match the tattoos though.

A videographic false flag event

The report calls what everyone saw on the news “a videographic false flag event using deep-fake technology to stoke racial tensions between black and white Americans. Even though George Floyd wasn’t killed in that movie, “the actions of these actors led to the death of actual civilians and police officers throughout the United States and the world.”

Attorney and officer of the court Timothy D. Japhet proudly claims on Facebook that he represented the real George Floyd. “I was his lawyer… Dumbasses can’t even pick a good fake guy.” He played football with Floyd in school. “To top it off,” Japhet swears, “I was his Court Appointed Guardian Ad Litem before he passed at Spohn Memorial.” That’s in Corpus Christi, Texas.

It’s public record that the real George Floyd had a tattoo across his chest. The actor in the video did not. Strangely, a few frames of the video appear to show Floyd had no legs. Nobody accused the police of dismembering him. The report suggests it was really a mannequin on the gurney used for CPR training.

It’s also no coincidence, the report states, that officer Chauvin looks so much like actor Benjamin Ray Bailey. “It is possible that the officer in the arrest is also a composite of Chauvin-Bailey. The Chauvin in the arrest video may have been digitally altered to combine features from both Chauvin and Bailey.”


  1. No shit, called it right after it was on the ‘news’!
    Ilumminati Card Game, baby!
    Covid-19 Phase 2 IS shown in the My Pet Goat ll vid on YouTube (circa 2012)

    • Ive been skeptical this whole time. I watched it and it seemed like complete bs to me. I saw a comment from a woman saying she was so sad couldn’t believe how his neck/head bounced that way. That part tipped me off and seeing her comments made me put a little mental note in my head about it, that’s not how heads and necks of human beings work and also it didn’t seem like the I can’t breathe was coming from him and the whole situation was just bizarre. When I saw the dummies of the place that got burned down, it hit me. Duh.

    • Yes, I knew it was a fake, very bad actors. The so called police officer would not have made it out of his commanding officer being out of uniform, badge not on properly. Either these tribal idiots have been doing this too long, because everything about sticks out, and only sheep will believe that this actually happened. No one addressed the issue of the PARK POLICE BEING INVOLVED. in Minneapolis?

    • @ Have you read the article? Do you know what deep fakes are? It seems you haven´t read the article or you don´t understand it and it´s clear that you don´t know what deep fakes are and how they are made.

    • I recognized the cop right off the bat. I did not know his name, but I watched his show regularly. These people are desperate they think that we do not pay attention to these things.

      • All these little things like the no legs on the stretcher, out of uniform cop, the police that responded with an ambulance instead of paramedics, the fact they had a close casket funeral,blacks never have a closed casket funeral,the whole thing stinks!!

  2. My question is what about the upcoming court appearances? How do they fake that? How about the ambulance crew? We’re they in on it or were they actors too? Too many loose ends.

    • If you watch the video the ambulance crew weren’t EMT’s. They were wearing guns bulletproof vests and brown police uniforms. They didn’t have any medical equipment when they jumped out of the ambulance they didn’t try to give him any medical attention. They just rolled him onto the stretcher loaded him into the ambulance and took off. Didn’t check his vitals, see if he was breathing or anything. Seemed like they just rushed out of there.

      • That is the uniform for the EMTs at the hospital who responded. Hennepin Healthcare. That’s the first thing I checked. I used to be one. And they started allowing EMTs to wear Kevlar vests in many violent cities across the country. EMTs did a brief pulse check, but he should have been back boarded and lifted onto that gurney. NOT with handcuffs behind his back. That is the standard. I think it’s deep fake, but the uniform is accurate.

    • If you see the video of fluid being put into the gurney you’ll see a man in a short sleeves police shirt with a badge. You don’t see the medic do any kind of resuscitation being done on floyd which is very odd since Floyd was supposed to be unconcious! Before being literally thrown on the gurney! Medics would have taken slot more precautions to move the man by stabilizing his neck!!! It is fake!

    • Ambulance crews don’t wear body armor or billet proof vests. Every cop is trained to perform first aid on anyone who is in need of it even if they have shot them. Ambulance crews do not pick up people off the street throw them in the back of an ambulance and drive off, they will perform life saving efforts first. Where are the body cam videos from the officers? We saw Atlanta’s within two days.. Fake

    • Exactly what I think. If they managed to fake the whole incident then they could fake the elections in November. Might as well leave the country to Biden and his goons.

    • Dude! You should be at least a “little” informed before you jump into a post???
      Sheriffs showed up in the ambulance? Sheriffs loaded him onto the gurney??
      Do you at least understand that part doesn’t happen in “real” life??
      First of they always start life saving treatment immediately on site.
      Second they DO NOT immediately remove a body from a seen that quickly?? There is a lot more to this that just doesn’t happen in REAL life and also NOT protocol…

  3. I want to know how a man that large was able to slide across the seat of the patrol car, with cuffs on, and open the door on the other side of the back seat. I thought the doors in police cars in the back could not be opened from the inside? And he did all this so quickly. Plus, why did the police officer take the time to come back around and close the door when the prisoner was attempting escape out the other side. I think the men in the ambulance were in state troopers uniforms with bullet proof vests on. Not medics. I really believe it was a mannequin with some type of automation inserted to make it look like it was talking and the remote control was in the police officers pocket and that is why he keeps his hand in his pocket. Plus, the way they let the head drop down when they picked him up, no medical person would treat an injured man that way.

  4. The officer is on suicide watch, you know what that means, there will likely not be a trial. Think Epstein.

  5. Derek Chauvin worked for El Nuevo Rodeo nightclub with George Floyd for 17 years. The ownership network has previous interactions with FBI operations in/around Minneapolis, which has more national security operations ongoing than any other community in the country. Various Somali groups are being watched, and anyone can do a google search to see when those security operations surface in the media. Omar Investments Inc. has owned El Nuevo Rodeo (ENR) Cantina and night club since 1996. The principle of Omar Investments Inc. is Muna Sabri. In 2001 a close relative, Basim Sabri, was captured by the FBI in a sting operation in 2001. He was convicted on three bribery counts and fined $75,000. ENR looks like a money laundering operation. Part of that laundry operation appears to involve counterfeit currency. This enterprise, writ large, looks like the answer to ‘how’ a U.S. agency infiltrated the background criminal network in Minnesota to watch and monitor for domestic threats. So there are layers to what is visible and a myriad of interests involved. Officer Derek Chauvin is a 19-year veteran of the Minneapolis police dept. Derek Chauvin also worked at ENR for 17 years. That timeline puts Derek Chauvin showing up to work security at El Neuvo Rodeo cantina and club right after the FBI busts Basim Sabri in 2001. Floyd was arrested for passing counterfeit $20 bill. (The Conservative Tree Were guns cached at ERN? Citizen journalist George Webb says the ENR was owned by a SOMALI WARLORD, who got his VISA from Lisa Paige & Peter Strzok.
    Was Floyd “silenced” because he was passing a counterfeit bill probably tied to ENR and was going to spill the beans on the whole operation?

    • The narrative of them working together for more than a few months is totally fabricated. The REAL George Floyd was in prison in texas 5 years prior to this incident..and died 2 years later… however, there seems to be some ‘missing’ evidence that was in the ORDERED to be abandoned police station that was being linked to human trafficking from that very same club…Coincidence?

    • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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      This article is about the man killed during a police arrest. For protests sparked by the killing, see George Floyd protests. For other uses, see George Floyd (disambiguation).
      George Floyd
      George Floyd.png
      Floyd in 2016
      Born George Perry Floyd Jr.
      October 14, 1973[1]
      Fayetteville, North Carolina, U.S.
      Died May 25, 2020 (aged 46)
      Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.
      Other names Big Floyd
      Truck driversecurity guard
      Home town Houston, Texas, U.S.
      Children 5
      George Perry Floyd Jr. (October 14, 1973 – May 25, 2020) was a black American man killed during an arrest after allegedly passing a counterfeit $20 bill in Minneapolis. A white police officer, Derek Chauvin, knelt on Floyd’s neck for nearly eight minutes.[note 1][2][3] After his death, protests against police violence toward black people quickly spread across the United States and internationally.

      Floyd grew up in Houston, Texas. He played football and basketball throughout high school and college. He held several jobs, and he was also a hip hop artist and a mentor in his religious community. Between 1997 and 2005, he was convicted of eight crimes; in 2009, he accepted a plea bargain for a 2007 aggravated robbery, serving four years in prison.[4] In 2014, he moved to the Minneapolis area, finding work as a truck driver and a bouncer. In 2020, he lost his security job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  6. I was a EMT-Paramedic.
    I was also a Policeman but I am now retired.
    NO the scene is not real.
    We used that same mannequin in many classes for medical training.
    You can buy them anywhere medical supplies are sold for about $900
    This was all fabricated. Think about it.
    Russian Collusion didnt stop Trump.
    Sexual Assault charges failed to stop Trump.
    Impeachment for abuse of Power also failed to stop Trump.
    Covid-19 placed in America by George Soros and Joe Biden failed to stop Trump.
    Racial tensions and Chop also failed to stop TRUMP!
    Democrats are so desperate that the only thing left is to kill Trump!
    Let’s hope that also fails.

  7. Filmed before Covid quarantine. No one is wearing a mask.
    No interviews with the concerned bystanders. Camera across the street shows a vacant empty sidewalk at the precise time “Chauvin” was allegedly kneeling. No one is there. Might explain why there were ZERO interviews on MSM.
    Two different cop cars with two different numbers & two different sets of cops show up. Then one set of cops and the other car disappears.
    Minneapolis had to totally destroy Precinct #3 to destroy evidence as well as all the others precincts. Still no body cam footage released.
    Global rioting. Everything was very well planned.

    • Now THAT is an excellent point! In all the helter skelter and chaos, I did not even think about why the people with George in the car or other bystanders were not all over the news for weeks.

  8. I want to know why not one cop nor one ems worker was wearing a mask? George Floyd was not wearing a mask! Why was the cops wearing summer uniforms when it was 48 degrees? Why was George Floyd wearing a summer under shirt in 48 degrees? We have the wrong season!

  9. The sheep still follow the Democrat party b.s.. Virus is a scam. Soros is paying for everything. Joe Biden big money, riots, blm b.s.. Media outlets lying. They need to arrest Soros and freeze his acounts. Will see the gutter rats flee. No money no riots. Take down the Hollywood Looney tunes who have money to the looters and criminals.

    • When the wolf convinces the sheep that the sheepdog is dangerous, the sheepdog is no more. Then the wolf feasts at will. What happens when the sheepdogs are really wolves? That’s the problem right now. This whole campaign is not about getting rid of sheepdogs, but about making sure sheepdogs behave like sheepdogs and not wolves.

      • Terribly sorry about your loss. Any chance they died of flu or something else, and were LABELED cv? Many doctors and nurses are stepping forward admitting that hospital administrators were ordering them to label everything CV no matter what the true cause was.

  10. Where is the videos of any of these men going to jail? Chauvin was supposedly taken into custody at his home with protestors there but there is not a single video of it. What about the other officers where are any pictures or video of them walking into or out of court? Where is any proof they are even in jail or been in front of a judge….

    • Right! Where’s all the press coverage of the four officer’s families and friends? Why would they suddenly choose this incident to respect their privacy or for fear of retaliation. They never have before. And why have we not seen continuous coverage of the four and George Floyd’s lives from infant on?

  11. also-we are told Floyd was 6’5″ tall and 250 lbs,but his casket was a 5 footer-did they cut off his head or his legs to stuff him in there

  12. The lighting and camera angle washed out his tattoo at times. I just watched the video. You can clearly see the tatt but at other angles, it seems to be invisible and hard to detect, then if he turns slightly, you see it again. I have a screenshot but can’t post it here. Watch the video. I have it set to start right when he’s closet to the camera. Watch full screen and keep hitting pause as he turns. You’ll see the tattoo.
    As for the pictures of the cop, they were taken in different years and at different weights. I see nothing suspect about them. I’ve not investigated the rest of the ”evidence” yet but I believe this whole article is a hoax. George was indeed there and he is the one who was killed.
    I do not believe this whole incident was by design or staged. I do however believe it was used to initiate the race war and war on cops. I think the guy who got killed while ”out jogging’ was suppose to start a race war but everyone found out too quickly that he wasn’t an innocent man who was simply out jogging. He was attempting to loot from an unoccupied home and was running to escape the rednecks chasing him. In spite of him being killed by a white man, no race war happened. George just happened to be their best chance to use for both a race war and a war on cops to get people out in the streets to riot, destroy and spread the virus and to stop the economic recovery that was happening too fast. They used George’s murder for all it was worth, for every agenda they could attach to it. They politicized it and made it Trump’s fault. They made George a false hero and a false martyr but that’s the least they could do for using him so hard.

  13. Hennepin EMS wear brown uniforms and they look like police officers. They have the option to wear bullet proof vests. Do some research before saying they were cops. Yes they didn’t perform the proper procedures in any way but regardless we all know the outcome.

  14. Look at the time stamps on all the videos. He was still alive after he was supposedly killed. Wake up people! How evil do you have to be to start this crap and cause all these real murders and all the real damages, ruining peoples lives and lively-hoods? Hmmm? How evil is that?

  15. Just the way the cop looks directly at the camera made me say this is fake somehow.. Then the way they showed the video over and over…ECT
    Just Crazy Wrong going on in this world. God/Jesus must be ashamed of many humans?


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