Democrat Mayor in Big Trouble, Major Lawsuit Filed


Liberal Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was just sued for every cent she has, along with several other irresponsible city officials, by the parents of Secoriea Turner. The eight-year-old was murdered by Antifa® brand Black Lives Matter rioters in Atlanta, Georgia, last summer. Conservatives say it’s about time someone was held accountable for the insurrection.

Mayor in major trouble

Instead of going to see patriotic fireworks on the Fourth of July, armed members of the rabble BLM army, upset with the fatal law enforcement encountered by Rayshard Brooks, shot Turner dead “when the vehicle she was in veered around their makeshift barricade.” That sounds a lot like an act of war. Mayor Bottoms and other city officials who swore an oath to preserve the peace were missing in action, or worse.

Some of the traitorous rats are on the other side. Lawyers for the Turner family are trying to bring them to justice. It’s like those “thrilling days of yesteryear” when the Lone Ranger had to come riding in and start throwing silver bullets around until the corruption was cleaned up and law restored.

The way the lawyers put it, Mayor Bottoms and her crooked cronies “were negligent in their duties by failing to remove armed vigilantes who had gathered alongside peaceful protesters at the Wendy’s where Brooks was shot and killed.”

Also named on the caption are Atlanta police Chief Rodney Bryant, City Councilwoman Joyce Sheperd, and Wendy’s International. It’s hard to see what Wendy’s could have done but didn’t. The rest of them have some serious explaining to do.

Knowing that nobody would ever want to eat in that building ever again, Wendy sent a wrecking crew to bulldoze away the rubble. It was a vacant lot within 10 days.

Mayor Bottoms considered that a personal victory because she “planned to shut down the site weeks before the fatal shooting.” At the time, her Honor “said she was allowing Sheperd more time to negotiate with demonstrators at the site.” Nobody told the city council never to negotiate with terrorists.

According to the complaint, by allowing that action, “Bottoms, Sheperd and the police chief failed to protect Atlanta’s residents.” That “directly and proximately led to Secoriea’s death, which was foreseeable and avoidable.”

Failed to protect the community

“By agreeing to allow Councilmember Sheperd more time to negotiate with armed civilians who had commandeered the area surrounding 125 University Avenue SW, and by ordering APD officers to stand down and refrain from proactive policing and by standing by and letting vigilantism disrupt the streets, Mayor Bottoms and Interim Chief Bryant failed to carry out their duties in protecting the health and safety of the affected community.”

Charmaine Turner wants to see Mayor Bottoms and the rest of the city officials who did nothing burn in Hell. It’s not easy burying a child. “We are forced to live through this day by day. We deserve justice.

Someone needs to be held accountable.” Meanwhile liberal Democrat council member Joyce Sheperd whines that the child’s death “still resonates with me, within the community and city at large.” She’s troubled.

“In the wake of the tragedy, I am aware of the lawsuit that has been filed on behalf of the family. I have been in contact with our law department and will not be making any official statements related to the lawsuit.”

A flunky for the Mayor notes “The murder of Secoriea Turner, as a result of senseless gun violence, is a tragedy that no family should have to endure. Due to the anticipated litigation, the City will offer no further comment at this time.”


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