Democrat Leader Attempts to Rope U.S. Marshals into Doing his Dirty Work…It Doesn’t Go Well


Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) has joined the ranks of conservatives and Republicans who have elevated trolling Democrats to an art-form. They’re even trying to get the US Marshals to intervene. In early March Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) while between liaisons with foreign intelligence assets, launched a lawsuit against President Trump and other participants in the “Save America Rally” alleging that they are “responsible for the injury and destruction” of the Janaury 6th Capitol Breach.

The Chase Is On

There’s only one problem: they can’t seem to find Congressman Brooks to serve him the lawsuit. Yes, you read that right. According to Axios, “Attorneys for Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) said Wednesday they’ve hired a private investigator to find Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) in order to serve a lawsuit that alleges he and other pro-Trump allies bear responsibility for the Capitol riot.”

Here’s where it gets funny: due to the heightened security in the Capitol (owing to the Democrats massive overreaction) Swalwell’s private investigators can’t get into the complex to serve Brooks. And when he’s outside of the complex, Brooks has been dextrous and deft enough to dodge Swalwell’s hired goons, playing a hilarious game of “catch me if you can” at Rep. Swalwell’s expense.

As Axios reported,

“The investigator “has spent many hours over many days” since April searching for Brooks, “to no avail,” they added.”

To his credit Brooks isn’t pleading ignorance either, he knows that Swalwell is trying to sue him… He’s DELIBERATELY blowing off the “meritless ploy”, his “frivolous lawsuit” while jabbing him for sleeping with known Chinese Intel Asset, Fang Fang while sitting on the House Intel Committee. And it’s funny as hell.

So Where Do The US Marshals Come In?

Well, unlike his dealings with the Guoanbu (the Chinese Ministry of State Security) Swalwell wasn’t about to take this lying down. Congressman Swalwell has filed a motion to extend his time limit to serve Rep. Brooks by another 60 days and has requested that the US Marshall’s Service serve the Congressman with his subpoena.

Katelyn Polantz of CNN wrote,

“Federal Judge Amit Mehta, after learning of Swalwell’s inability to serve Brooks with the lawsuit, gave the Democrat’s legal team another 60 days to get to Brooks with their formal notification. The judge, however, won’t allow the US Marshals to deliver the lawsuit to the Republican congressman “due to separation of powers concerns,” Mehta wrote, after Swalwell asked for the US Marshals Service’s help.”

The other defendants in the case like President Trump, Donald Trump, Jr., and Rudy Giuliani responded to the suit with waivers of the subpoena requirement and motions to dismiss, but not Brooks. According to Swalwell’s attorney’s “Counsel spoke to two different staff members on two separate occasions, and each time was promised a return call that never came,” they followed up with emails, “Neither Brooks nor any member of his staff has responded to his request,”.

In the lawsuit Swalwell is alleging that Brooks, President Trump & Co. “broke Washington, DC, laws, including an anti-terrorism act, by inciting the riot, and that they aided and abetted violent rioters and inflicted emotional distress on members of Congress.”

Why Would Swalwell File A Civil Lawsuit Instead of Criminal Charges?

This is an easy one: burden of proof. If Swalwell or anyone in the Biden-Harris regime actually believed that they had a strong case against President Trump, Congressman Brooks or any of the Defendants they would push to prosecute them and convene either a federal or Washington, DC Grand Jury to get indictments. Plain and simple: they don’t have enough evidence to meet the higher burden of proof in a criminal case and they know that (another) not-guilty verdict for President Trump and the others would obliterate their Jan. 6th narrative. So instead they’ve gone for the lower bar of a civil case.

So at the end of the day, Rep. Mo Brooks has Eric Swalwell’s number on this one: this is nothing but a ploy, a frivolous lawsuit designed to play to the Democrats’ narrative and nothing more. Thankfully Judge Mehta and the US Marshals won’t be wasting their time and taxpayers dollars playing along. With any luck, Congressman Brooks can run out the clock again and make this political theatre hit Swalwell in the wallet.


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