China Promises ‘Forceful Measures’ in Response to Pelosi Plan For Taiwan


Nancy Pelosi could start World War III with a trip to Taiwan. Every day, it’s looking more and more like the Deep State is trying to push us into a war with China. For a long time, Xi Jinping made it crystal clear that the island nation of Taiwan is a possession of China. For some reason, Democrats can’t accept that and keep their hands off. Liberals want to inflict mob-rule democracy on them. Beijing is thinking of doing the same thing to Hawaii. The only problem is that blue state is already communist.

Pelosi threatens trip to Taiwan

As if Nancy Pelosi can’t start enough trouble here in America, she wants to go make trouble for China in Taiwan. On Tuesday, July 19, the Chinese Foreign Ministry “lashed out” in opposition. She originally planned to drop in this April but “delayed her trip to Asia after contracting the coronavirus.” Beijing insists they didn’t give it to her.

Her office won’t confirm or deny anything in the name of “security” but the Financial Times is already reporting her plans of visiting Taiwan, along with “Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia.” China is seriously unhappy with that.

If the United States insists on going ahead, China will have to take firm and forceful measures to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Official Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian declared. Firm and forceful measures like an invasion.

If Nancy Pelosi sets a single toe on the ground in Taiwan it would cause “grave harm to China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Not only that, such a move would “seriously impact the political foundations of China-U.S. relations.

If Nancy Pelosi wants war, she’ll get it. That nosy general, Mark Milley, better watch his step as well. Whoever came up with the idea over at the Navy Department, to send warships into the South China Sea to antagonize the Chinese by violating claimed territorial waters, may get a surprise as well.

Xi Jinping gets hopping mad over the subject. Taiwan is theirs. Period. If he has to, Xi will “re-unify” the relationship.


A use of force

The “reunification” plan China cooked up for Taiwan involves the use of “force to take control of the self-ruled island.” Uncle Sam, they say has “walked a fine line” for decades. They agree to the “One China” doctrine but use “strategic ambiguity” to oppose “any unilateral changes to the status quo.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is trying to change that status quo. Democrats can’t have it both ways. If they want a showdown, Xi is ready to give that old Greek “Thucydides Trap” thing a test.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to play the part of Sparta in their war against Athens. When a rising power, like China, “threatens to displace an established power,” like the U.S., the Thucydides Trap says war is virtually inevitable.

The only thing that kept it from happening so far is that the U.S. has been way too strong. With bumbling Joe Biden in office, the dynamic has shifted considerably.

Biden has taken a confrontational approach with China over Taiwan long before Nancy Pelosi got wrapped up in the politcal theater of it all. As soon as Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, Joe sent officials to Taiwan to reassure them we have their back. Our commitment, he says, is “rock solid.

Oh, but those stingers you wanted are on back order. Also, forget the howitzers. We can’t get those to you for years. As recently as May, he warned China not to invade. If they do, we would be forced to fight back. “Yes, that’s the commitment we made.


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