Charges DROPPED… Former Trump Staffer ELATED

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s former chief of staff is breathing a little easier.

Meadows stood to be brought up on possible charges by North Carolina’s Attorney General.

He found out that no charges will be filed.

Not Enough

Democrats were out for blood after they saw that Meadows had three registered addresses to vote over the last three years.

It turns out that prosecutors were not able to find enough to have charges filed.

“The State Bureau of Investigation conducted an extensive investigation into the fraud allegations against Mr. and Mrs. Meadows concerning their registration and voting in the 2020 elections.

“After a thorough review, my office has concluded that there is not sufficient evidence to bring charges against either of them in this matter.

“Our conclusion was … they had arguments that would help them if a case was brought such that we didn’t believe we could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they had engaged in intentional voter fraud.”

He continued, “None of the matters involving January 6th, however, are relevant to the specific allegations of voter fraud concerning Mr. and Mrs. Meadows that were referred to my office for review.

“My office has concluded that there is not sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt against either Mr. or Mrs. Meadows, so my office will not prosecute this case. If further information relevant to the allegations of voter fraud comes to light in any subsequent investigation or prosecution by authorities in other jurisdictions, we reserve the right to reopen this matter.”

So, all the noise that Democrats have been making over the last two years and they still have nothing to show for it.


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