BS Report Attempts to Spin NEW Democrat-Big Tech Narrative: No Censorship of Conservatives,


There IS. NO. CONSERVATIVE CENSORSHIP. A hysterically biased study produced by New York University Stern Center for Business and Human Rights has found that “Despite repeated charges of anti-conservative bias from former President Donald Trump and other GOP critics, Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube are not slanted against right-leaning users,” According to Oakridger.

This breathless recitation of leftist-progressive Democrat narrative is titled “False Accusation: The Unfounded Claim that Social Media Companies Censor Conservatives,” and laughably asserts that not only are conservatives NOT being censored on Social Media, their voices are actually BEING AMPLIFIED. (Seriously, they wrote this. You can’t make this s*** up..)

“Republicans, or more broadly conservatives, have been spreading a form of disinformation on how they’re treated on social media. They complain they’re censored and suppressed but, not only is there not evidence to support that, what evidence exists actually cuts in the other direction,” said Paul Barrett, deputy director of the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights, which released the report Monday.

Unfortunately for the authors of the study, their primary source of the “numbers” for their study are none other than CrowdTangle, which they even acknowledge in the text is an analytics tool OWNED BY FACEBOOK.

“These numbers, derived from CrowdTangle, an analytics tool owned by Facebook, don’t suggest a Republican candidate being stifled.”

The study repeatedly refers to “internal investigations” and reports from “media sources” as well as a what they claim to be an authoritative independent “audit” in August 2019 headed by former Arizona GOP Senator Jon Kyl. (As an Arizonan, this writer is less-than inspired by Kyl who has a 77% lifetime score from HeritageAction).

The report read in part,

“Facebook tried to respond to persistent claims of bias by releasing the results of an independent “audit” in August 2019. The company had recruited a former senator, conservative Jon Kyl (R., Ariz.), to lead the investigation. With the help of attorneys from the law firm Covington & Burling, Kyl interviewed more than 130 individuals and organizations. His report noted that many conservatives perceived the company’s content policies and practices as being skewed against them. Kyl himself concluded that “Facebook’s policies and their application have the potential to restrict free expression,” adding that “there is still significant work to be done to satisfy the concerns we heard from conservatives.”

Conservatives Just  Violate Terms of Use More Often It’s Not Censorship

That’s literally the biggest justification given in the whole report for the wholesale muzzling of conservatives online.

“That’s because the right spreads more content that violates platform rules than the left. In light of this discrepancy, it stands to reason that right-leaning content would face labeling, demotion, or removal more frequently than left leaning content.”

The report points to a “conciliatory meeting” Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook held with a group of “right-leaning commentators” as prima facie evidence of their good intentions and clearly any censorship was purely accidental.

“In response to a conservative outcry, the company did several things. Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg invited a group of right-leaning commentators like Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson to a conciliatory meeting at his Menlo Park, Calif., office. Separately, the company did an internal investigation, determining that, while it couldn’t rule out the possibility of “isolated improper actions or unintentional bias,” there hadn’t been any concerted effort to curb conservative viewpoints. Facebook nevertheless fired the Trending Topics staff and eventually shut down the feature altogether.”

Fox New’s Tucker Carlson called this one straight though,

 “[The paper] almost reads like a press release from Silicon Valley, and that’s because it is. This so-called academic study was, in fact, paid for by Big Tech. It was funded by a man called Craig Newmark [founder of the online marketplace Craigslist], one of the many Silicon Valley billionaires who paid for the Joe Biden for President campaign. Now he’s paying for this.” 

As Tucker Carlson said, “Can we get some numbers on that, NYU? No, actually we can’t. In the words of the study, “[p]inning down precise proportions is impossible because Twitter doesn’t release sufficient data.” Are you following the reasoning here? Their conclusion is that Twitter is not biased and we can be certain it’s not biased because Twitter refuses to release data on who it bans. Case closed.”

Furthermore, to say there is censorship against Conservatives on social media is now “disinformation” according to a Twitter spokesperson who told Carlson, “I wanted to be sure you saw a report out today from the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights. It found there is no evidence to support claims of anti conservative censorship on social media and that these claims are ‘a form of disinformation’.”

Here’s the list of sources. What you won’t find? A single, reputable conservative or even moderate source.

  1. Twitter
  2. The Verge
  3. Huffington Post
  4. Pew Research
  5. Houston Chronicle
  6. Facebook
  7. Just Security
  8. CrowdTangle (owned by Facebook)
  9. Gizmodo
  10. Politico
  11. Federal Elections Commission
  12. Wall Street Journal
  13. Washington Post
  14. NBC News
  15. Oxford Internet Institute
  16. Network Propaganda (
  17. Science Magazine
  18. BuzzFeed (Seriously)
  19. Wired
  20. The New Yorker
  21. Reuters
  22. Vice
  23. Associated Press
  24. CNN
  25. NPR
  26. Anti-Defamation League
  27. New York Times
  28. Axios
  29. Vox
  30. The Hill
  31. NewsWhip (Funded by the Irish Government (Progressive Socialist Sinn Fein Party & the EU)
  32. Media Matters for America (George Soros)




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