Zuckerberg and Biden Cozy Up in Bed Together

Zuckerberg Biden facebook big tech censorship

Mark Zuckerberg is working with the Biden administration to help with their COVID-19 vaccine response. The facebook CEO will assist in the largest vaccination campaign in American history. Big tech continues to push Left-wing propaganda while censoring Conservatives.

Zuckerberg is backing Biden

Facebook is ready to collaborate with the Biden-Harris administration in their efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 misinformation. Zuckerberg said, “Our team at Facebook has already reached out to the incoming administration to help with the COVID response in any way that we can.

I’m sure there will be a few important things that we can do together. We’re already planning a push around authoritative information on vaccines.”

We know what this means. Zuckerberg and his army of Lefties at facebook will push whatever narrative Biden’s team wants us to believe.

Anyone who questions their narrative will be censored, banned or labeled as “misinformation.” They also have the ability to bury Conservative voices by limiting their reach.

What they are doing is pure criminal. Many Republicans, including President Trump, have been calling to repeal Section 230, which is a law that shields big tech companies from liability for the content that users post on their platforms.

Republicans claim the tech giants are hiding behind the law and abusing it in order to censor Conservatives while amplifying Left-wing propaganda. Zuckerberg said they would aim their efforts at silencing the anti-vaccination voices on facebook.

Zuckerberg Biden Fauci

Big tech in bed with Democrats

Pressure is mounting on Zuckerberg to censor more voices on the Right. Imran Ahmed, the CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate campaign groups said, “Mr. Zuckerberg is deeply hypocritical to claim he is offering to help with the Coronavirus vaccine, when his companies, Facebook and Instagram, host the world’s most renowned anti-vaxxers and amplify their toxic lies into tens of millions of users’ timelines.

If Mark Zuckerberg really wanted to help, he could remove the identified pages and groups, some with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, which spread lies about vaccines, as laid out clearly in our report on the Anti-Vaxx Industry.”

Zuckerberg is listening to those voices on the radical Left. In October, facebook announced it was changing its policy to ban ads that discourage people from getting vaccinated.

At the moment, the platform does not ban anti-vaccination content, but in February it said it would start making these pages harder to find in the search results, which is essentially shadow banning them. The censorship continues.


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