Fauci Walks it Back, Shows How Much of a Dog Faced Pony Soldier He is


Dr. Anthony Fauci has demonstrated that his “scientifically proven” and “trusted guidance” of the American people is…. flexible. Really flexible actually, so much so that he can walk back his own statements to retroactively true-up Kamala Harris’ proven, debunked lies. A “Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier” indeed, pushing the “starting from scratch” lie that has been circulating, despite the fact that he debunked that particular lie.. himself.

First, Kamala Steps In It

Kamala started all of this off in an Axios interview stating “There was no stockpile, of vaccines. There was no national strategy or plan for vaccinations. We were leaving it to the states and local leaders to try and figure it out. So in many ways we’re starting from scratch”

Then to add further insult to injury, Joe Biden regurgitated a similar line during his dissembling CNN Townhall.

Dr. Fauci Swoops In To The Rescue

CNN Host Jim Sciutto asked Dr. Fauci, “Kamala Harris, she spoke, the Vice President of course, spoke to HBO Axios over the weekend and she said, she used this phrase again, ‘we’re starting from scratch.’ And I wonder if you agree with that, that the vaccination plan come January 20th of this year, that you were starting from the beginning there or was there something in place that just needed some improvements?”

Townhall.com’s Derek Hunter was quick to debunk Harris’ statement, “How can there be no stockpile when a million people a day were being vaccinated when they took office? Where were those coming from? And she’s lying about there being no plan. The extent to which there have been issues comes from local Dems distributing it on “woke” order.”

Because words like “consistency” and “credibility” don’t tend to mean much in the world of the Biden-Harris regime and their co-opted propaganda machine also known as CNN, Dr. Fauci was quick to jump to the regime’s defense and sing for his supper.

Newsbusters reports that,

“The White House advisor and Director for the NIAID actually contradicted his own prior statements rejecting CNN’s anonymously-sourced story (which also insisted the Biden admin had inherited a “nonexistent” distribution plan and had to “start from scratch.”) Fauci also found time to knock the Republican administration he previously worked for”

“What I think the Vice President is referring to is that the actual plan of getting the vaccine doses into people’s arms was really rather vague. I mean, it was not a well coordinated plan. Getting the vaccines made, getting them shipped through Operation Warp Speed was okay.

He continued, “But I believe what the Vice President is referring to is what is the process of actually getting these doses into people. That is something that we had to get much better organized now with getting the community vaccine centers, getting the pharmacies involved, getting mobile units involved. So that is what I believe she was referring to.”

Sciutto followed up, asking in an extremely leading fashion, “Okay. Do we have a plan now in your view? A workable plan to get a significant enough plan to get vaccinations into people’s arms?” to which Dr. Fauci quickly answered, “Yes, absolutely.” Dutifully Providing the confirmation that the left craves from their reassuring medico-paternal icon. A mediocre medical-bureaucrat turned pop culture phenomenon, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the falsely deified figurehead of the COVID19 Lockdown-Armageddon cult.

Only Fox’s Blake Burman Had The Guts

At least, Fox Business’ Blake Burman had the guts to call out the Biden-Harris Regime and put the record straight. Burman asked,

“The Vice President said speaking of vaccines and distribution COVID et cetra. She said “In many ways we are starting from scratch on something that’s been raging for almost a year”. However, Dr. Fauci has recently said “We’re not starting from scratch because there is activity going on in the distribution”. And even today your administration said that there was I believe the number was 892,000 doses that were administered in the final week before the President took over. Um, So is that the best message to say that this administration started from scratch, When there were indeed doses going out the door,  And folks like Dr. Fauci say that’s not the case?”

Jen Psaki, stumbled through a weak explanation for the regime lying their collective backsides off saying “There were not enough vaccines, there was not enough coordination with governors and local officials and there were not enough places where people could get the vaccine. And now we’re working to address that and it was important for the Vice President to convey that because the American people need to know what we’re digging out of.” … Sure, we believe you.



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