Iran Gears Up for War, HERE is the Latest Movements


Iran is ready to start a war. The Ayatollah is so confidant that Joe Biden will be back in the White House with John Kerry right there beside him, and all his cash pallet packing experience, that he ramped up production on a nuclear bomb. And just for the fun of it, Iran hijacked a South Korean oil tanker. They’re rather confident considering both the recent overflights of American B-52’s and the army of patriots standing by to defend the White House and the American Constitution from Democrat election piracy. Since Iran wants to play with nukes so bad, America’s legally elected President, Donald Trump, might be getting ready for some nuclear football. Joe Biden won’t be able to do much about it from a cell in Guantanamo Bay.

They want a nuclear war and might get one

On Monday, Iran officially ordered their uranium enrichment facilities to bump the processing up to reach bomb grade material. Relatively “dirty” uranium gets used for power plants. Bombs require purity. Right now, Iran is producing purity levels “unseen since its 2015 nuclear deal.” Obama and Kerry threw money at them until they backed down.

Trump refuses to appease them. He just keeps rattling the windows with low flying bombers. Trump won’t let them make any money either. Out of spite, the Ayatollah decided to steal an oil tanker, daring the American president to do something about it. Iranian officials have to believe what the Democrats are telling them, Biden won. They lie. It could start a nuclear war if Iran doesn’t wake up pretty soon.

Even left-leaning Associated Press admits that “both decisions appeared aimed at increasing Tehran’s leverage in the waning days in office for President Donald Trump.” They should rethink that strategy a little.

Trump isn’t afraid to go to war with them. Right now, today, Iran is up to a 90% purity level, just one “technical step away from weapons-grade levels.” Donald Trump is still 100% president no matter what Democrats say.

Even AP can see that Tehran is simply “pressuring President-elect Joe Biden to quickly negotiate.” The Ayatollah could get a huge shock on Wednesday. The kind of “short sharp shock” you never get up again from, dig it? So many B-52’s have been flying over that nobody pays much attention anymore.

Any day now, the belly doors might open up to show the Ayatollah what 100% uranium enrichment looks like up close and personal. If he wants nuclear war, then give the man what he wants and put him out of everyone else’s misery. It would send a message to Kim Jong un at the same time.

Oil Tanker held hostage

Iran is convinced that Joe Biden is such an amateur that he’ll cave in to some simple threats and quickly come across with the cash. They picked the MT Hankuk Chemi for a target because “a South Korean diplomat was due to travel to the Islamic Republic to discuss the release of billions of dollars in Iranian assets frozen in Seoul.”

By miscalculating who would be occupying the White House, they risk a rather short war which will leave most of their country a radioactive sheet of glass.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif boldly spelled it out because he knows that Joe Biden isn’t all that bright. If you don’t want war, send cash. “Our measures are fully reversible upon FULL compliance by ALL.”

The International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors have already reported that the Ayatollah stuffed “over 130 kilograms (285 pounds) of low-enriched uranium” into their centrifuges and spun them up to 20% purity.

For some reason, the Iranian government is strangely calm about having to go to war against the United States. They act like they think the fix is in and it’s all for show.

They’re in for a rude awakening, from a bright flash followed by a mushroom cloud or two. The last time they tried to pull a trick like this, it “nearly triggered an Israeli strike targeting its nuclear facilities.” There won’t be a third chance.


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