Biden Team Weaponizes DOJ Against Trump Official


Now that former President Donald Trump has been exiled to Florida, Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace are up to their old tricks. Once again, Democrats are weaponizing the DOJ against a political opponent. This time, former Trump intelligence official Kash Patel. They’re still angry at the way he ripped the lid off Obamagate.

The DOJ punishes Patel

On Friday, The Washington Post revealed that former congressional aide Kash Patel is the latest target of Imperial Leader Joe Biden.

The DOJ started a federal leak investigation into the Republican staffer who uncovered the massive abuse to mislead the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court into allowing a wiretap of Carter Page. Two rats scurrying around the halls of the Palace who don’t want their names revealed claim to be familiar with the probe.

According to the leakers, Patel is being investigated by the DOJ for leaking. The way they expressed it is “unauthorized disclosures of classified information.”

It’s okay when they do it though. The investigation was allegedly “sparked by a complaint made by an intelligence agency.” Probably Jerrold Nadler in a snit again. He got raked over the coals for his role in the coverup.

Patel admits that he’s “ruffled feathers in the intelligence community, FBI and Justice Department.” Everyone knows that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He was working closely with acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell at the time.

The two of them were working day and night to build a case against the DOJ. The Post calls their efforts to unlock details “aggressive” but that’s a massive understatement. There are rumors floating around that they literally used a crowbar on one of Nadler’s locked filing cabinets to get at one batch of documents which were turned over to the public.

Stumble into FISA abuse

Before hooking up with Grenell at the ODNI, Patel served “as an investigator for Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee.” He also worked with the Defense Department during Donald Trump’s stay in the White House. Patel is best known for his role in uncovering the nefarious Christopher Steele dossier.

He was working on Capitol Hill in the middle of that investigation when he stumbled onto “the FBI’s use of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.” One DOJ lawyer admitted forging an email to say that Page was NOT a CIA asset when he was. He barely got a slap on the wrist for the crime.

While working with Grenell at the ODNI, “Patel helped push through the declassification of a trove of documents related to the dossier and the FISA warrants which have proved embarrassing for the FBI.” The DOJ is furious about it.

“Kash embarrassed intelligence officials by getting documents declassified showing the Russia collusion investigation was a fraud,” one of his former co-workers verifies.”Now they’re getting payback and making an example out of him. These guys fight dirty.”

Another thing which put the DOJ target on his back are connections Patel has to the Clintons. While he was working on counterterrorism cases at the Department of Justice, Patel “also orchestrated a legal effort to subpoena the bank records that showed that the Clinton campaign and DNC funded the dossier.” Things like that aren’t real good for your health.

His sleuthing uncovered the dirt that “Democrats paid $1 million to opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which in turn hired Steele to dig up dirt on Trump.” Right now, Patel won’t eat anything that doesn’t come from a can. One he hand picks at random, from a random grocery store, and opens with his own opener. He’s also telling anyone and everyone that he’s not the slightest bit depressed or suicidal.


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