Breaking: Covid Origins Revealed as DNA Evidence Emerges


The DNA label on COVID-19’s designer genes is showing. Every day it’s looking more and more certain that the Asian Andromeda Strain really was unleashed upon the world by the Wuhan Institute of Virology, just like the tinfoil-hat conspiracy groups have been saying all along. After all, as William S. Burroughs once said, a “paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on.”

DNA evidence links lab

Since day one, most Americans have been convinced that DNA analysis would show COVID-19 was stitched together in a lab. It does. The theory is that it then either escaped or was intentionally released into the wild, where it did just as it was designed to do, murder national economies around the world. That was supposed to level the playing field to something Xi Jinping thought China could dominate.

He seems to have had help in his scheme from extremely powerful shadow forces of the Deep State who may have been using him for a puppet too, teasing him into doing their dirty work, thinking it was his own idea. Those same shadow forces are the ones pulling the strings of Joe Biden today.

As James Morrow taps out on twitter, “New COVID DNA revelation points strongly to coronavirus lab origin.” It’s crystal clear to even the modern biology students who think gender has more than two options that the “CGG-CGG combination has never been found naturally.”

“That means the common method of viruses picking up new skills, called recombination, cannot operate here.” The researchers ran an “ancestry” report on it and learned it’s a Frankenstein “chimera.”

Two serious heavy hitters in the bioengineering field just ruined the day of progressive liberals who believe the Kung-Flu came from eating bat soup. COVID sports “an unusual sequence of genomes unseen in nature” which proves “that it came from a lab.” Dr. Stephen Quay, CEO of biopharmaceutical company Atossa Therapeutics and Dr. Richard Muller, a physics professor at the rabidly Democrat University of California Berkeley recently announced their stunning findings.

The unique DNA sequence is like a fingerprint. The code it contains “allows the coronavirus’ spike protein (which binds it to human cells, enabling infection) to be activated by a common enzyme, making it better at attacking nearby cells and therefore more infectious and dangerous.” That’s not natural.

Nature can’t do that

Mother Nature is bound by the laws of physics and chemistry but lab scientists have ways to get around that, slicing, dicing, and splicing “chimera” combinations together in hopes of someday producing new and improved super-humans, or killing all the old style ones off by accident in the process. “A virus simply cannot pick up a sequence from another virus if that sequence isn’t present in any other virus.”

Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace have been trying to convince everyone that is exactly what happened. DNA proves they lied. “The CGG-CGG combination has never been found naturally. That means the common method of viruses picking up new skills, called recombination, cannot operate here.”

The study concludes that because “he sequence is found in the coronavirus when it doesn’t occur in related viruses like SARS and MERS means that those who believe it occurred naturally” were totally full of crap.

Quay and Mueller demand they confess. The designer gene “deniers” must “explain how that might have happened.” They can’t and they know it. The DNA shows scars from the cut and paste job.

“Although the double CGG is suppressed naturally, the opposite is true in laboratory work. The insertion sequence of choice is the double CGG. That’s because it is readily available and convenient, and scientists have a great deal of experience inserting it.” Ask any recipient of a paternity suit, that DNA stuff doesn’t lie in court and has a strange habit of getting into all sorts of places it isn’t supposed to be in the first place. To the researchers the evidence stands out like a neon sign.

The Deep State needs to explain “why it happened to pick its least favorite combination: CGG-CGG. Why did it replicate the choice the lab’s gain-of-function researchers would have made?” It’s like a tornado assembling a 747 from all the random pieces laying on the ground. “Yes, it could have happened randomly, through mutations. But do you believe that?”


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