Big Tech Deals Deep State Heavy Blow


Communist retail megalith Amazon just cut ties to Dr. Deep State. With a machete. They practically slashed Anthony Fauci’s throat and left him to spurt blood all over the Palace Propaganda Unit camera crews. His “guaranteed” best-selling book won’t be sold on Amazon. Barns and Noble won’t sell it to you either. Suddenly, he’s being treated like he’s got Leprosy. Everyone in the New World Order is afraid of how bottomless the Wuhan Institute of Virology rabbit hole is, and which of his thousands of emails might come back to haunt them personally.

The Deep State is scared

Looking back with “year of the bat” 20/20 hindsight, it’s kind of spooky to realize that Fauci has been quietly running the show at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. Somehow, that seems strangely appropriate for the guy people have been calling Dr. Deep State.

Unexpectedly, “Fauci’s upcoming book has been scrubbed from Amazon and other online booksellers.” It’s appropriately named, “Expect the Unexpected.” It was supposed to be available in November but that won’t be happening now.

Allegedly based on “hours of interviews,” Fauci promises to dive deep into “the lessons that have shaped his life philosophy, offering an intimate view of one of the world’s greatest medical minds as well as universal advice to live by.”

Advice like “Emails are subject to FOIA release.” His doctored up lecture notes wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting reading as his emails turned out to be.

Dr. Deep State isn’t happy that his memoir was canceled simply because “thousands of pages of emails were released.” Amazon never questioned liberal leaders before. It’s not fair for Jeff Bezos to single him out this way, treating him like he’s one of those deplorable supporters of Once and Future President Donald Trump.

All it took was left-leaning Buzzfeed and equally progressive Washington Post to start printing the emails they got from Freedom of Information Act requests. They stumbled on “a massive cache” from the early months of 2020.

Well, which is it?

Smooth, well paid professionals like Dr. Deep State don’t get flustered when they’re accused of lying. Fauci didn’t “waffle” or “flip like a pancake” when he changed his mind to go from saying that standard face masks were useless so don’t bother to everyone should wear one everywhere, all the time.

He simply “reconsidered” his position based on new information. Data like the powerful shadow power-brokers who put him into his cushy job want everyone wearing a mask for nefarious reasons of their own.

Then, there’s the whole question of whether the Asian Andromeda Strain was spliced together in a lab or just mutated on it’s own from nature. Again, Dr. Deep State has his theory of the day. He isn’t real happy that the world is learning all about his cozy connections to China.

As Director of NIAID, Fauci funded “groups that collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.” He even sent some of his subordinates to an October 2016 conference on “Viral Infection and Immune Response” at the WIV.

The hardcore science journal Nature “scrubbed” reports about that conference which they previously published, trying to cover it up. They didn’t scrub hard enough so “archived versions of the site show that two researchers from NIAID were in attendance.”

The conference was fascinating. Dr. Fauci sent his Deep State minions for classes on “epidemiology of emerging viral disease,” “persistent viral infection and immune dysregulation,” “viral pathogenesis,” “immune intervention and prevention of disease,” “innate antiviral immunity,” and “induction of systemic adaptive immunity.”


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