Judge Stops Democrat Leader from Abusing the System


A Judge refused to play Eric Swalwell’s little game, but in the end, it didn’t help. In early March Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) found some free time between high-intensity sharing sessions with foreign spies and filed a lawsuit against Congressman Mo Brooks, President Trump and other participants in the “Save America Rally” alleging that they are “responsible for the injury and destruction” of the January 6th Capitol Breach.

There was one serious problem though: they couldn’t seem to find Congressman Brooks to serve him the lawsuit. Yes, you read that right.

Axios wrote in the first week of June, “Attorneys for Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) said Wednesday they’ve hired a private investigator to find Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) in order to serve a lawsuit that alleges he and other pro-Trump allies bear responsibility for the Capitol riot.”

They wrote,

“The investigator “has spent many hours over many days” since April searching for Brooks, “to no avail,” they added.”

Congressman Swalwell then filed a motion to extend his time limit to serve Rep. Brooks by another 60 days and has requested that the US Marshall’s Service serve the Congressman with his subpoena.

Swalwell’s Request Slapped Down By The Judge

Unfortunately for Swalwell, the Judge wasn’t about to let him abuse the system for a political vendetta.

According to CNN, “Federal Judge Amit Mehta, after learning of Swalwell’s inability to serve Brooks with the lawsuit, gave the Democrat’s legal team another 60 days to get to Brooks with their formal notification. The judge, however, won’t allow the US Marshals to deliver the lawsuit to the Republican congressman “due to separation of powers concerns,” Mehta wrote after Swalwell asked for the US Marshals Service’s help.”

To his credit Brooks never plead ignorance, he knew that Swalwell was trying to sue him… He DELIBERATELY blew off the “meritless ploy”, the “frivolous lawsuit” all while jabbing him for sleeping with known Chinese Intel Asset, Fang Fang.

Alas, The Chase Couldn’t Last Though

Eric Swalwell’s hired goons finally hit pay dirt on Sunday, June 6th at Congressman Brooks’ home, where according to video provided by the Representative, the so-called ‘private investigator’ only managed it by illegally entering the home of Congressman Brooks, trespassing onto his property and chasing his wife into their garage.

Brooks pointed out in a tweet that the alleged PI was now on camera committing a crime,

“Well, Swalwell FINALLY did his job, served complaint (on my WIFE). HORRIBLE Swalwell’s team committed a CRIME by unlawfully sneaking INTO MY HOUSE & accosting my wife! Alabama Code 13A-7-2: 1st degree criminal trespass. Year in jail. $6000 fine. More to come!”




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