Antifa and Proud Boys Reach Boiling Point, Videos Show the Violent Clash


No, this little “clash” isn’t a civil war reenactment, it’s the real thing. Tensions between Antifa® and the Proud Boys finally reached the boiling point and the opposed forces formed skirmish lines to advance, firing improvised less-lethal weapons at each other on June 18, 2021. This playground in a Portland park just became a “historic battlefield.”

Clash turns violent

This confrontation between patriotic Proud Boys and Antifa® brand forces of evil has been brewing for a long time. All it took was the burning of an American flag in park on the outskirts of liberal stronghold Portland, Oregon to “lead to full combat,” Independent Chronicle relates. They report the two sides were “seen squaring up with each other in a grassy opening, spraying pepper spray towards each other.”

There’s miles of video documenting the clash. In one, “a man with a baton walks up to an Antifa® female and begins spraying her with pepper spray, and she quickly returns fire with her own, forcing the man to back off.” Some want their “park back.” Others were recorded shouting “burn it!” They were talking about an American flag.

Explosions “can be heard going off in the background as the two groups closed in on each other for close combat, hitting each other with bats and batons, throwing fists, and spraying more pepper spray.

The clash continued to escalate with a fight breaking out “after multiple verbal altercations.” Everybody agrees that it was the American flag being set on fire which sparked the riot.

As usual, police “declared the altercation a riot” then popped some popcorn and stood back to watch. They don’t get paid to harass honest Black Lives Matter™ folks. Every time they try to arrest one of them, their station house gets set on fire so they don’t bother anymore.

This isn’t the first clash between these forces, what’s different this time is all the pretense has been dropped on both sides. It’s civil war and everyone knows it. With police unable to enforce the laws, Proud Boys promise to do their best to try. Meanwhile, lawless Antifa® anarchists have formed “a hotbed of violence from political activists for over a year.”

Defund the police

This is only a minor clash. Now that “Antifa® Black Bloc militants have actively engaged with police in the area, in parallels to the Black Lives Matter movement’s call to defund the police,” things will only get worse. The number of officers on the Portland PD is fewer every day and nobody wants to sign up with them.

Citizens are back to the “thrilling days of yesteryear” where the law of the land is the gun in your hand. Whoever is fastest, is right.

Not too long ago, a group of ten Antifa® “militants” were charged with destroying property in Multnomah County. The only reason there were charges is because they went to far and attacked “Democrats’ headquarters.”

That clash started when “Antifa® social media accounts promoted ‘direct action’ in protesting the election.” Those anarchists dare to hate Democrats too. They aren’t liberal enough these days for the rabble. Even Bernie Sanders is seen as a “moderate” socialist.

When Imperial Leader Joe Biden was handed the keys to the Palace on January 20, “six others were charged for participating in Antifa®’s Inauguration Day riot.” In that particular clash with authorities, the “group marched holding a banner that said ‘We don’t want Biden — We want revenge.'”

That’s when they decided to peacefully target “the Democratic Party of Oregon building, reportedly starting fires, and smashing windows while wielding batons and crowbars.” But that’s not considered insurrection or anything. Only deplorable Trump supporters can do that.


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