Another Deep State Swamp Rat Just Unmasked for the Public


Deep State Swamp Rat David Jolly has just been unmasked before the public as a rogue RINO. The former politician is also a former Republican whether he knows it or not. Moderates aren’t welcome in the GOP any longer. Especially when they favor gun control over riot control.

A rat by any name

These days, it seems as if Conservatives and liberals are living on opposite sides of a mirror. We see the exact same things in totally different and diametrically opposed ways.

Part of the problem are the misguided moderates who call themselves Republicans but vote like Democrats. These days everyone needs to pick a side and stick with it. Rat RINOs must be purged if the party expects to survive the 2022 mid-terms.

If anybody doubted that David Jolly was a rat, the confusion is over. He showed his face on a liberal talk show and started spewing liberal propaganda and sounded like he believes it too.

He may be registered as a Republican but true conservatives say that is only so he can infiltrate from within as a Democrat sleeper cell. He’s out of the closet now.

When host Nicholle Wallace got the panel fired up by accusing the Republican party of “a sort of identity politics to create chaos,” Jolly couldn’t agree more.

Conservatives, the rat agreed, like to “project.” They want to inflict their White privilege ideas of law, order, property rights, and family security on people of color. To him, it goes way beyond simple “identity politics.”

White traditions

The rat fink is convinced that “Politics of race and race-baiting” are White traditions which go “back decades to some old tried and true tricks of the Republican Party to create fear around race for largely White suburban voters.”

Right about then he said something that conservatives will never let him forget.

“If Republicans were serious about doing something about violence in the United States today, Instead of approaching restrictions on the right to assembly and the right to speech, they would be approaching issues around access to firearms.”

This demon rat actually believes that gun control is more important than riot control.

Parents, Jolly insists without a single shred of evidence to back it up, “are more worried today about sending their kids to a White suburban high school than they are letting their kids participate in a Black Lives Matter protest.” Sure honey, here’s a few glass bottles and old rags. Do you have enough money to buy gasoline? Don’t forget your gas mask!

Jolly and rat RINOs like him are certain that “Republicans are trying to define this around issues of protest and assembly and largely around racial overtones to each of those freedoms of expression.” They simply have to stop it. If they don’t, we could end up with Donald Trump as president again.


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