They are Renaming Variants of Covid to Appease to ‘Woke’ Culture Warriors


Liberal Democrats are so “woke” these days that they’re afraid to put descriptive labels on Covid variants. It might be handy to know at a glance if you’re dealing from a mutation from Britain or one from Zimbabwe. but that might offend someone. All once and future President Donald Trump had to do was make a humorous comment about the Wuhan Flu and suddenly Asians became instant hate crime victims. Instead of counteracting the ignorance with education, they change the names to protect the innocent. The last thing liberals want to do is “educate” the masses on anything. They prefer Americans dumb enough to believe what the television tells them.

Liberal Covid confusion

According to a proclamation from the all powerful World Health Organization on Monday, Covid “variants will now be named after the Greek alphabet.

The entire reason for the change is “to reduce confusion among the general population and to avoid potentially stigmatizing regions of the world from which they emerge.” They have a whole new and perplexing system designed not to confuse anyone, by confusing them even more.

“The new system will cover the several variants of concern as well as any variants of interest,” they write. For instance, the new Covid strain which evolved in Britain, also called B.1.1.7 by scientists, will now receive the WHO designation of alpha.”

Similarly, the mutation from South Africa is beta, the evolved version from Brazil gamma, and India’s new strain is delta. “No country should be stigmatized for detecting and reporting variants,” WHO spokesunit Maria Van Kerkhov rationalizes.

The IT guys running the WHO’s website already updated the code to inform visitors that “scientists settled on the naming system” in their search for “easy-to-pronounce and non-stigmatising labels” for Covid variants.

“The established nomenclature systems for naming and tracking SARS-CoV-2 genetic lineages by GISAID, Nextstrain and Pango are currently and will remain in use by scientists and in scientific research.” They just don’t want ordinary people knowing the truth.

New World Order

Because “SARS-CoV-2” sounds so much like something which might have escaped from a lab, the World Health Organization is doing their part for the open borders one big happy planet New World Order global government to stamp out Nationalism. “To assist with public discussions of variants, WHO convened a group of scientists.” A big one.

They got all the Covid experts “from the WHO Virus Evolution Working Group, the WHO COVID-19 reference laboratory network, representatives from GISAID, Nextstrain, Pango and additional experts in virological, microbial nomenclature and communication from several countries and agencies.” The whole reason was “to consider easy-to-pronounce and non-stigmatizing labels for VOI and VOC.” Whatever that means. Sounds nice and “woke” though.

Before they settled on using the Greek alphabet to name the Covid mutant spin-offs, the experts kicked around a bunch of even more confusing ideas. Everything from “mashing together” two- or three-syllable names but “those didn’t work because they kept accidentally creating words that already exist.”

Greek gods and goddesses got them in trouble with LGBQT advocates. Numbers were more confusing than letters. There are drawbacks to the Greek letter scheme but the WHO is prepared to live with them, in order to keep the Rothschild family happy.

Hurricanes aren’t named by Greek Letter anymore because of “confusion with some Greek alphabet names when they are translated into other languages used within the Region,” and “the similar-sounding nature of some of the letters, which can hamper crisis communication.”

The WHO says that doesn’t bother them and when mutant Covid strains use up the 24 Greek letters they’ll switch to “another naming series.”


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