A Replacement for Soros Emerges


Last year, after doling out the mountain of money he devoted to the Democrat cause, George Soros quietly turned the reins of the Open Societies Foundations over to others and crawled away to die in private. His work, he knows, is done. With Imperial Leader Joe Biden firmly entrenched in the Palace, it seems that he was successful. The big question on everyone’s mind since he dropped out of sight is “who will take over?” One name is standing out like a neon sign.

Soros is out, who’s next?

Just when you thought there couldn’t be anyone slimier than George Soros, it turns out that someone equally evil is about to take over right where George left off. Someone has to handle all the high finance at the top to make sure it properly trickles down to the grass roots.

All that funding for Antifa-branded battle gear supplied to the Black Lives Matter rabble army, for instance. Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss “has quietly become one of the most important donors to left-leaning advocacy groups.” New York Times recently called him “an increasingly influential force among Democrats.” He’s just not as well known.

The big thing George Soros is known for are the “Open Societies Foundations” he founded. Those will be in good hands under Baron George Mark Malloch Brown. Wyss, it seems, will probably be his new boss. It’s also probably why a lot of big news has been coming out of Switzerland lately.

Wyss calmly conducts political activism “channeled through a daisy chain of opaque organizations that mask the ultimate recipients of his money.” Brown “previously Co-Chaired the UN Foundation Board, served as UN deputy secretary general and chief of staff under Kofi Annan and at one time was a World Bank vice president.

Wyss was born in Switzerland 85 years ago but now he’s living in Wyoming. He won’t say if he holds citizenship or permanent residency in the United States. He certainly knows American culture. He “first visited the United States as an exchange student in 1958, and became enchanted with America’s national parks and public lands.”

When he got rich, he knew he wanted to be the next George Soros. “After becoming wealthy while helping lead the Switzerland-based medical device manufacturer Synthes, he began donating his fortune through a network of nonprofit organizations to promote conservation, environmental causes and other issues.”

Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss lives in Wyoming.

Harvard in the 1960s

While Eric Holder was part of an armed takeover and Barack Obama was smoking dope at Columbia, Wyss was at Harvard. The favorite school of both George Soros and Jeffrey Epstein. His Harvard classmate Howard H. Stevenson notes Wyss has reason to oppose Donald Trump and his deplorably nationalist supporters.

“You don’t have to look at people destroying your work to say maybe you want to try and figure out how you respond in the most effective way.” Stevenson is “an adviser to one of Mr. Wyss’ foundations” and his son has served on the board of another.

Wyss and his advisers, the Times reports, have honed a ‘strategic, evidence-based, metrics-driven and results-oriented approach to building political infrastructure,'” quoting Rob Stein, a Democratic strategist. “unlike most wealthy political donors on the right and left,” Mr. Wyss and his team “know how to create measurable, sustainable impact.” Just like George Soros did.

Wyss also has some creepy connections to the Clintons. Wyss money goes to “groups that seek to influence the political debate in a manner that aligns with Democrats and their agenda, including the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank where Mr. Wyss sits on the board.” The really spooky part is that “The organization was started by John D. Podesta, a top White House aide to Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.” Podesta was also on the Wyss Foundation payroll as “an adviser.”

Corporate spokespersons won’t admit his money is being spent on politics but “documents and interviews show that the entities have come to play a prominent role in financing the political infrastructure that supports Democrats and their issues.” Wyss seems to be funneling the controversial cash through three nonprofit funds, while donating “tens of millions of dollars since 2016 to groups that opposed former President Donald J. Trump.”

Soros loves him. A sign of just how influential Wyss is, “Several officials from organizations started by Mr. Wyss and his team worked on the Biden transition or joined the administration.” Biden, it seems appears to be dangling on his puppet strings. “on environmental policy in particular Mr. Wyss’ agenda appears to align with President Biden’s.” Or is it that Biden’s aligns with his?


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